Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mini Pointsettias

Hi...I'm back...I know I promised a gift card holder last time, but I got sidetracked making some mini pointsettias (look closely, they're really lollipops!!):

Here's what you need...2 images of the large pointsettia from the MC-8 cling set (Christmas Flowers). Cut one complete pointsettia and one of just the inner part of the pointsettia (see photo, below). Put a foam dot on the larger flower and mount the smaller flower on top. Use a glue dot to adhere the pointsettia to the lollipop and tie a ribbon. I used a small bathroom cup for the "flower pot"...plus a piece of styrofoam, cut to fit the cup:

Glue the styrofoam to the inside bottom of the cup. Stick your pointsettia lollipops into the styrofoam...then put a strip of double stick tape close to the top of the cup (this tape will keep the foil wrap in place):

Cut a square of foil tissue and wrap around the cup...put another strip of double stick tape around the foil wrap and use that tape to hold the ribbon in place (I also added some crinkled shred to cover the styrofoam base):

Or...they're pretty cute to give away individually too:

I'll get crackin' on finishing up that gift card project...be back soon!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peeking Pals

Hi!!! Wanted to share with you today how you can use your "extra hand" stamp to make your characters peek over the top of something:

You just need the top half of your character...glue them down behind the "wall"...then cut out 1 or 2 extra hands and glue those on top of the "wall". They can peek out over anything...the top of a gift bag...a pocket on the inside of a card (I'll show you a sample of one of these in the next day or two).

Also, I've been meaning to share the work of a very talented lady from San Francisco...I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with her gorgeous work...Patti, from Creations by Patti!!! Check out her blog, she has such wonderful ideas...but, I wanted to especially share with you her version of the fan box (free pattern and instructions included in CL-1 Happy Wishes cling set) and her shoji screen card (free pattern and instructions included in CL-8 Friends cling set).

Thanks for visiting...stop by again soon!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Christmas Love

Just popping in to share a quick gift tag:

Stamps Used: Max (MC-2 So Glad We're Friends)
Buddy (MC-5 So Sweet)
Candy Canes (MC-10 Sweet Wishes)
Tiny To, From (#6023)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little Monster

Hey there...back to share some more cards!! Today's cards feature one of my faves, Little Monster. For this first card, I stamped 2 images (cutting off one arm from each monster...ouch!!!) along with 2 extra hands...and made 2 little monster pals:

Word stamp is #A118 (Pals). For the next card, I made a Thanksgiving card:

To make this card, I cut my card stock to 4-1/2" high x 5" wide. Score at 1-1/4" from each side. Stamp your sentiment on the inside of the card (paper-piecing the heart)...stamp 1 Little Monster and 2 hand stamps (each hand holding 1 leaf)...punch out a heart (and cut in half) ... cut 2 more leaves:

Glue both halves of your heart as shown below:

Next, glue your monster to the inside of the card...then glue the stem half of your first leaf to the left card flap, as shown below:

Match up the two leaves so that they're interlocked...then glue down the stem half of your second leaf to the right card flap:

Tie a ribbon around your card to hold everything together. I know this is an unusual sized card...I liked the long and skinny look of it...click here to get an envelope pattern for this card.

I decorated the front by masking one leaf over the other:

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

More Mixin' and Matchin'...

Happy Aloha Friday!!! I was playing at mixing and matching more of my new cling stamps today and was reminded of paper dolls...remember those? Maybe I'm dating myself. Anyway, today's projects involve making some simple goodie bags. The first uses Elliot in a Halloween theme. I colored the flags black and orange and glued them down only by the 2 end flags...that makes it look more like it's really hanging in the corner there. I used the "extra hand" stamp to let him hold the pumpkin:

Then I switched things up...I stamped 2 hand stamps and now Elliot is holding the banner. I hand-lettered the "hello" on the banner. Maybe you could use it to label the bags with names (only up to 6 letters though).

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Stamp Card

For those of you who like quick and easy projects...here's a card that requires no cutting, no coloring, just one stamp and can be completed in under 5 minutes. I used a double sided paper with the darker color on the inside...stamped my design (from CL-10 Flowers cling stamp set) on the front and added rhinestones and a line using a ruler and black pen.

I used the same design on the inside, but this time I used white ink. You can use a white or metallic pen to write your note:


Saturday, September 3, 2011


Back again...trying to play catch-up this weekend. I actually released this new cling set a few weeks ago, but am only now getting around to posting it...so sorry!! I've been wanting to add a little more florals into my line...so, here's my first attempt:

The pattern that's included in this set is for a gift card holder...it's a card that pops up to reveal your gift card...one in pink:

...and one in purple:

Also, I wanted to share a couple of cards using my new cling stamps. Both cards use the same "Buddy" stamp:

I added the lollipop (with some Glossy Accents) to make an everyday card:

...and then I added some holiday candies for a Christmas card:

It's a lot of fun to mix and match the stamps...I'll share more ideas with you soon!!

New Designs!!

Happy September everyone!!! This summer has been a busy one for me...my son left for college and I've been busy working on some new designs...and I'm finally ready to share them with you today!! I've always enjoyed using different stamps together...a dog holding a cupcake...a girl with an ice cream cone...but one thing that always bothered me was that the item just looked glued onto a hand. Anyway...that was the thought behind this new line of stamps. I used 5 of my top selling characters along with an "extra hand" stamp. I know you're thinking...whaat??? Well...take a look at the 12 new cling sets first and I'll explain later.

ok...there they are...did you notice that the first 5 sets had an extra hand stamp? (who couldn't use an extra hand...ha! ha!!!) If you stamp, color and cut out that hand stamp you can use it to let your character hold almost anything...and now it actually looks like they're holding it!!! Mix and match with the other sets and that one character can now be used for many different occasions!! Here are some examples of everyday vs holiday (pay special attention to the hands):

I'll be back tomorrow...I released a new cling stamp set a couple of weeks ago, but never got around to sharing it with you. I'll also start sharing some ideas for using these new stamps. Have a great long weekend!!!