Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mini Matchboxes

Made a bunch of  "Year of the Snake" mini matchboxes:

Click here for a pattern. I made the box (black part) first...and then wrapped the red piece around it to get the perfect fit.  Each box holds 3 chocolate candies...I didn't have any Chinese candy, but it'll hold a few small ones.

The last small pattern piece is for a "stand" to hold the stamped images on the top of the box.  Here's a view from the side so you can see the stand:

I'll be back tomorrow with some Thanksgiving and Christmas versions of these, until then...have a great night!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking a Holiday Break

Happy Friday!!!  I took a little break from making holiday cards to try out this idea I've been wanting to do for awhile.  I used the pattern (with a few tweaks) that comes with CL-7 (Fun Trip) and the stamps from CL-11 (Keiko) to come up with this card:

Pull the tab and Keiko takes a trip across the bridge:

 I got the cute koi paper from Ben Franklin and made some grass using the Martha Stewart grass stamp is from CL-2 (Happy Thoughts).  The first change to the pattern I made was to cut a smaller half-circle into the card.  I stamped and cut out the lower portion of the bridge and traced along the top edge to cut my half-circle (see below).  I also had to trim the 2 tabs a little (you'll see where when you put the card together).  Other than that, just follow the same directions that come in the set.

Also, for anyone who's interested in the pattern for this bag I made the other week... here for a pattern. Cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines.  Use double stick tape to close back seam and the bottom of the bag (as shown below):

Stamp image from MC-38 (Sakura Frame), cut out center and tape a piece of vellum behind it...then glue the frame over the square cut-out in the bag.  Cut out coordinating strip, fold in half along dotted line.  I punched out the holes in the strip for the photo...but I've found it's actually easier to place the strip over the top of the bag before punching your holes so that everything lines up.  Thread ribbon through holes and tie to close.

Thanks for stopping by today...have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Before You Put Your Halloween Stamps Away...

Here are a couple of ideas to take our Halloween cling set MC-27 (Pumpkin Kitty)...

through Thanksgiving...

and into you the most bang for your buck!!

Click here for a simple pattern for this ornament/frame.

Stamps Used:  "Thankful" and leaves:  MC-7 (Thanksgiving)
Pilgrim Hat:  MC-30 (Happy Thanksgiving)
Holly:  MC-8 (Christmas Flowers)
Santa's Hat and Presents:  MC-33 (Merry Christmas)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Gingerbread House

I've been wanting to make a gingerbread house since last year...although I'm not much of a baker, I figured I could make one out of paper (You can make one here for a pattern):

 Cut along solid lines and fold along dotted lines.  Add double stick tape to the 4 tabs on the main house...2 tabs on one side of the roof.  The other side of the roof will remain unattached so you can add (and subtract) your treats:

Thread a ribbon through the 2 holes in house (above) close the roof and thread the ribbon through the 2 holes in the roof.  I also added a tag...words are from MC-32 (From Our Home):

All the candy stamps are from MC-10 (Sweet Wishes) and MC-29 (Happy Trick or Treating).  Here's the candy count:  22 chocolate bars (18 for roof and 4 for front make the front door I cut a 1" x 1-7/8" card stock, glued 4 chocolate bars and rounded the edges), 6 round candies (for the roof), 9 gumdrops (I placed them along the bottom edge on all 4 sides), 2 candy canes and 1 peppermint.

Oh yeah...and I added the snowmen too...makes it look more homey...they are #C111 (Snowman Hi).

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vellum Poinsettias

I made a bunch of poinsettias using our poinsettia stamp from MC-8 (Christmas Flowers)...stamped on pink vellum and embossed in gold.  For each flower I also cut out just the center portion and attached it to a full flower with a foam dot, for added dimension.  Here's a few ways that you can use a vellum poinsettia:

As a favor or small tote (background stamp is from CL-10 Flowers):

 On a clothespin (Star stamp is from MC-34 You're an Angel):

Lollipop wrapper (Snowflake is from MC-9 Snowflakes):

A gift tag:

A 3x 3 notecard (Sentiment is from MC-9 Snowflakes)

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Happy Hello

Doily Cone

A simple favor for your holiday gathering...simply fold half a round doily into a cone shape, glue onto a card and fill with small treats.  Stamps are from MC-9 (Snowflakes) and MC-33 (Merry Christmas).

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Dressed Up For The Holidays

With a few snips and add-ons, turn our 2 new clings (MC-38 Sakura Frame and MC-39 Butterfly Frame) into holiday tags:

Other stamps used:  "Merry Christmas", Santa's Hat, Peppermint Border and Gifts are from MC-33 (Merry Christmas)
"From Our Home" MC-32
Holly MC-8 (Christmas Flowers
Tiny To, From #6023