Friday, March 30, 2012

New Stamps!!

Hi there!!! Sorry for the long absence...usually when I disappear for a stretch, that means that new stamps are in the works and this time is no exception. Here are the latest additions to our Dandelion gang:

Pull the cord and the boy's day carp are raised:

The pattern and instructions to make this card are included in our new Boy's Day cling set (CL-12 Boy's Day):

Also new are graduation stamps...yes, that time is coming up fast!! Here's a traditional set (MC-20 Graduation):

...and here's one with a local flair (MC-21 Celebration):

Both of these sets are designed to be used with our cling stamp characters...I'll be back soon to show you samples of how these stamps can be used. Before I go...I've been meaning to share some cards that are sure to give you inspiration!! First up is a card from Shannon...she claims to be a beginner, but it sure doesn't look like is her adorable card:

So cuuuute!!! Also wanted to share a couple of other cards using Dandelion here to see some amazing Easter creations by Patti...scroll through her blog a bit because she's been a busy crafting lady!!! And click here to see what Cheryl (Life is Sweet) has been up'll laugh when you see this one. Scroll down her blog too...she has a lot of cute projects!! ok...hope that helps to get some of your creative juices flowing...have a fun weekend!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mixin' & Matchin'

Hey there...just stopping by to share a quick card. I've been mixing and matching a lot of my stamps recently and having fun coming up with different combinations. For this card I used the branch stamp from CL-11 (Keiko Cling Set), the ribbons from #A149 (Starry Sky), #1212 (Easter Egg 1), #1213 (Easter Egg 2) and #1209 (Easter Wishes):

Hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Egg Carton Easter Baskets

Happy Saturday!!! While I was making lasagna for dinner the other night, my thoughts turned toward the egg carton on the counter. Hmmm...after cutting off all the bumps and dips from each cup, there really wasn't much left...but there was just enough to make some tiny baskets:

I just punched a hole on each side and used some craft wire for the handle. The wire I used was probably too flimsy...but that was all I had. I used stamp #B104 (Flower Border) and a bow to finish each basket off.

It was really quick and easy to whip up...hope you can give it a try!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some Quick Treats

I wasn't planning to do another blog post tonight, but I had to whip up a few, I thought I'd share them with you.

They're really simple and fast to make and actually quite similar to some other things I've made recently (remember the bunny and lollipop?). The difference is that these hold a Ghirardelli chocolate square:

Click here to get a pattern. Cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines...apply double stick tape on the 4 tabs. With just a few folds, you're done!! I punched out a Marvy (pink) scalloped oval and glued it to the cover (with the bottom edge of the oval slightly past the flap edge...see photo, above). Tie a ribbon around the base. To keep the flap closed, simply tuck the bottom of the oval under the ribbon. Mount your character on some foam dots.

For those of you thinking of Easter treats...just add some bunny ears:

I'll leave you with one last card from the incredible Patti:

I wish you could all see this card in is so adorable!!! Thanks, Patti!!!

Well...have a good night and a great weekend!!!

Spring Chickies!!!

These guys make me laugh!!

Stamps used: Chicks, Jellybeans, Rabbit Ears, Tulip: MC-19 (Happy Spring)
Daffodil, Easter Eggs: MC-18 (Happy Easter)

I've been so delinquent in sharing this next card with's from the oh so talented Adele:

How cute is that? Don't you love how she used the cupcake topping as a hat?

Stamps used: Heart and Cupcake: MC-15 (Fuzzy Bear 1)
Bear and Truffle: MC-16 (Fuzzy Bear 2)
Little Wagon: B144
Rosebud: 5004

Thanks for taking a peek today!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Jellybeans and Chocolate Bunnies

Over the weekend I was playing with the Easter box pattern that comes with our Happy Easter cling set (CL-5)...mixing it up a bit with a bunch of Easter stamps...and here is what I came up with:

As you open the top of the Easter egg...out pops a surprise!!

You can fill the box with your favorite Easter candies (I propped up the bag of jellybeans so you can see normally stays inside the box).

Stamps used: Chick and jellybean - MC-19 Happy Spring
Chocolate Bunny - 1214
Flower border - B104
Jellybeans and Bunnies word stamp - C121
Easter box pattern and instructions - CL-5 Happy Easter

Thanks for stopping by...hope your week is off to a great start!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Bunch of Stuff to Share

In case you haven't gotten around to making something for Girl's Day yet, here's a really quick idea (well..the basic idea is really simple, but it's very easy to get carried away with extra stuff!!). It's a card that's held shut with the sakura flower on the bottom.

Open up to reveal your Girl's Day message:

Here's a closer look...looks like they're performing on stage!!

To make this card just cut a 3-3/4" x 10" piece of card stock...score at (are you ready for this?) 1/4", 1", 2", 2-3/4", 5-3/4" and 6-1/2". Below is a view from the side...basically, you're just using the first 4 scored lines to form the base piece...and the next 2 scored lines to form the fold-over flap. Cut thin strips and fold, as shown below, to prop up your stamped images.

Stamps used: 3 girls and word stamps: MC-17 (Happy Girl's Day)
Cherry blossom branch and flowers: CL-11 (Keiko)
Large cherry blossom: CL-1 (Happy Wishes)

Of course, I had to do one for Easter too...

Same instructions as the Girl's Day card...but here are the measurements to make this one: 2-1/2" x 12" piece of card stock...scored at 1/4", 1", 2", 2-3/4", 7-1/4", 8". I cut the lollipop stick a little shorter so the proportion is better. To attach I placed a glue dot on the bunny's hand...stuck on the lollipop...added another glue dot to the lollipop stick and stuck on the bunny's "extra hand". I also used a pop dot behind the actual candy part of the lollipop to help support the weight.

Stamps used: Bunny and words: MC-18 (Happy Easter)
Large flower: CL-10 (Flowers)

Now it's time for a little show and tell...Laura from California sent me a picture of the favors she made for Girl's Day...aren't they so sweet? And the chopsticks go so well with the theme!!

Next up is another cute creation from the papers she used for the kimonos and fans!!!

And last, but not least is Patti's Girl's Day creation:

Click here to get the instructions on how to make this adorable card.

A special thanks to these ladies who so generously share their creativity and talent!!! Hope that you were able to get some ideas for the special girls in your life!!!