Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Couple Of 3x3 Cards...

Just a quick post today to share 2 more of my new Easter stamps: #B121 (Easter Sam) and #A119 (Rainy Days):

I LOVE's my favorite time of year!!! I love the colors and's so much fun!! And's time to share some of the fun!! Here's my next giveaway:

If you would like to win these stamps just leave me a comment by midnight Monday, March 2 (Hawaii time). I'll pick one winner at random and announce their name on Tuesday, March 3. Just an interesting fact...some of our recent winners have been from Germany, Michigan, Mexico as well as right here in Hawaii!!! Isn't that cool? Where would you most like to visit? Me? I would love to take an Alaskan cruise to see the northern lights!!

Congratulations, Martha!!!!

Martha, you're the winner of the "Honey Bunny" assortment of stamps!!! Please email me at with your address, and I'll send the stamps right out to you!!! For the rest of you...I'm getting ready to do another giveaway...hopefully by the end of today. In the's a quick project you can try:

All it requires is a piece of paper 2" x 6-1/2". Score it at the following intervals: 1/4", 1-1/4" and 2-1/2". The 1-1/4" section will be the bottom. Fold along the score lines...and punch out a hole at the top fold. You can use any shape Marvy yellow punch (you'll be punching through 2 layers of paper):

Use double stick tape along the 1/4" tab to form the "box". Glue the top portion of the box together...from the top fold until around the center of the punched out area. Now stamp, cut and color an image and let it dangle in the punched out area. You can use either a jump ring, cord or thread. I also used a 1/8 " hole punch to make holes in the box and the stamped image. Tape a piece of candy to the bottom (I used Hershey's nuggets)...and decorate as desired. Here's a side view of the candy in the box:

Stamps used: #1204 (Chick With Tulip) and #1210 (Happy Easter). Here's one for Girls' Day:

Stamps used: #1013 (Japanese Girl) and #1027 (Happy Girl's Day).

Friday, February 27, 2009

Girl's Day

Every year Girl's Day has a way of sneaking up on's already next Tuesday (March 3)!! The Girl's Day celebration has its roots in Japan...but, here in Hawaii it has become a way of celebrating the girl's in our lives with little treats or gifts!! Here's a fan box you can make for your favorite here to download a pattern. Cut out 2 of the fan shaped pieces (one will be the bottom, the other the top) and a box piece. Cut along solid lines and fold on the dotted ones as shown below:

Notice that I have a 1/8" hole punched in one of the fan pieces (the top piece) and on the box piece. Decorate the top piece as desired. You're also going to punch a little slot punch on the top and bottom piece as shown below (this is where you'll thread a ribbon to close the box):

**just a side note...don't you like the way the ink came through to the don't see the black outline from the stamp, but you still get the design. It gives it a nice watercolor effect!!**

Anyway...back to the box. Connect the top piece to the box piece by inserting a brad through the two 1/8" holes you just punched. Then use double stick tape to adhere the box to the bottom piece. Slide a ribbon through the slot punches and tie a ribbon to close the box.

Stamps used: #C104 (Maddy & Pip), #1027 (Happy Girl's Day), #4011 (Sakura) and just the fan from stamp #3010 (Doomo Arigato). To open the box...untie the ribbon and the top piece swivels on the brad to open (I have a couple of pieces of mochi in there):

Remember, you still have until midnight tonight to enter our stamp giveaway (leave a comment in the post below, "A Lucky Winner").

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Lucky Winner....

Karen F.!! You're the latest winner of our rubber stamp giveaway!!! Please email your address to me at so I can get them on their way to you!!! For those of you who didn't win...don't fret...we're going to do another one right now!!!

Here's another Easter idea, with a pattern you can download here. Cut out the 2 pattern pieces in coordinating colors (use a lightweight paper), overlap the 2 pieces and glue together as shown below:

Now roll the piece up into a cone shape...make sure you roll it all the way to the point. This part gets a little tricky...but if you roll the paper really well, it will hold the shape better while you're taping it together. Apply double stick tape along one edge. Start from 1-1/2" away from the bottom point up to the top edge. Apply glue close to the bottom point. Form a cone and adhere the edges to form a cone as shown (the edges should overlap by around 1/4"):

Now, fill your carrot with whatever you want, pinch the top closed and tie off with a ribbon. I've decorated this carrot with my new "Easter Rabbit", "Honey Bunny" and easter egg stamps:

Here's the stamps you can win:

If you'd like to win these stamps...leave me a comment by midnight, Friday, February 27 (Hawaii time). I'll announce the winner (picked at random) on Saturday, February 28. Good luck and thanks for stopping by today!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photo Craft Make 'N Take

Just popping in to share the make 'n take we did at Photo Craft today. I meant to post it earlier, but we ended up going to see the Pink Panther 2 (Steve Martin is so silly!!). Anyway, I'll be featuring my new "Easter Maddy" stamp in this project. Here's the how-to's:

You'll need 2 circles punched with a Marvy (blue) scalloped circle punch (I punched out 2 rectangle slots on one of the circles using a Fiskars punch), 1 strip of cardstock (7" long and a little less than 1/4" wide...this will be the handle of the basket and must fit through the rectangle slot), 1 stamped, colored and cut image (be sure to cut a little tab under your stamped image) and a mini cupcake cup (I got mine from Ben Franklin, but also saw it at GBC).

I used cardstock with a different color on each side to help explain things better. The dark pink is the side that will be showing. Slide each end of the handle through the 2 rectangular slots...bend the handle under ( to the light pink side) and hold in place with scotch tape. Glue the two circles, light pink sides together (to cover up the taped handles).

Bend back the tab on the bottom of the stamped image and use double stick tape to tape it down on the scalloped circle. Use double stick tape on the bottom of the cupcake cup and stick it right behind your stamped image as shown below:

You can also tie a ribbon on the handle. I don't know why the basket looks so crooked in this picture, but it really sits flat. Fill your cupcake cup with some easter grass and chocolate eggs (or jellybeans). I wanted to tie a tag on the basket with an easter greeting...but just couldn't get it to look right since the basket is so tiny. So instead I stamped the greeting right on a cellophane bag with StazOn white ink:

I got this cellophane bag at GBC - it's a 2" x 1-1/4" x 7-1/2" bag. I also used stamp #5030 (Scattered Flowers) to add a "springy" look. I put the basket in the bag...folded the top down...punched 2 more rectangle slots and finished it off with a ribbon. And here's the finished product:

Now for the giveaway...If you would like to win the stamps shown below, leave me a comment by midnight on Tuesday, February 24 (Hawaii time) and tell me what your favorite Easter candy is. Mine is Robin's Eggs!! Good luck to all...and thanks to everyone who came out to the make 'n take today!!!

Drum Roll, Please....

The winner of our latest giveaway for the set of Easter Basket stamps is......(oh the suspense!!!) Gayle N.!!! Congratulations, Gayle!!! Please email me with your address (, and I'll mail your stamps out!!! Thanks to everyone who entered...there are still a few more chance to win!!!

I'll be back later today to share my Photo Craft make 'n take with you!! Until then, have a great Sunday!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Made It Just In Time

Ok...I know I said I'd start sharing my new Easter designs with you today...and I made it just in the nick of time!!! Some days the time just really flies by!! Are you ready? All the stamps I'm using for this card are new stamps. To start I stamped this floral basket image on white cardstock and then again on the yelllow post-it (to make a mask). I cut out just the center portion on the yellow post-it: the post-it note over the image stamped on the white cardstock and stamp some "goodies" to fill your basket as shown below:

This is what it looks like when you remove the post-it:

Now just color in and put your card together:

Ready for another giveaway??

Here are the stamps I'll be giving away...just leave me a comment by midnight tomorrow (Saturday, February 21 - Hawaii time). I'll pick one winner at random and announce their name on Sunday, February 22.

Also, I'll be doing a make 'n take at Photo Craft on Sunday. Bring a pair of small scissors if you have one...that should help things move along a little more quickly. For those of you who can't make it...I'll share the project on Sunday, check back!!!

A Winner and a Card to Share...

The winner of our latest drawing for the "Good Pals" stamp set is...Val A.!!! Congratulations, Val!!! Please send me an email at with your address, then I can send the stamps out to you!!

Now that I've introduced all my new everyday designs...I guess I can start with my new Easter designs!!! Stay tuned...hopefully I can do a post later today!!! In the meantime, here's a card I'd like to share from a past winner, Jenny!!! Thanks so much, Jenny!!! She said she hasn't stamped for awhile...but, you wouldn't be able to tell from this adorable card and box she sent me (the box was filled with lemon shortbread cookies from Big Island Candies...yum!!!):

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Gift of Stamps

I wanted to share with you an idea I did a while ago for one of my giveaways. I never did explain how I made, I'll give it a shot now. It's a way to include stamps as part of your card. Not just as decoration, but as a gift. (I'm featuring the last 2 of my new everyday designs...stamp #C116 - Good Pals and #A118 - Pals)

To start...layout your stamps the way you want them to be, and cut 2 pieces of cardstock to fit. Glue the 2 pieces of cardstock together to make the base more sturdy:

The next picture shows 3 different steps: First, use a pencil to mark a center point on either side of each stamp. Second: Punch a 1/8" hole at each pencil mark. (If you want to do any stamping on this base would be a good time to do it). Third, cut a piece of elastic. Long enough to fit snugly around each stamp, plus to tie a knot at each end. (I found this elastic at Ben Franklin in the bead section...I guess it's used to string beads to make bracelets). Thread each end of the elastic to the back side and tie a knot.

Here's a view from the back: (Notice that I also used double stick foam tape to mount the base).

Here's a view of all the stamps held in place with elastic:

To make the "card" part (the lavender paper)...cut a piece of cardstock and score into 3 sections. Two sections will be slightly larger than the base piece, and the "spine" will be 1-1/4". (The size of the card depends on the size and number of stamps you use). Here's a look at the finished inside:

...and the finished outside: (Decorate and wrap a ribbon around the card to close it)

Now for the good part...if you would like to win this set of stamps, leave me a comment by midnight tomorrow (Thursday, February 19, Hawaii time)...I'll choose one winner at random and announce their name on Friday, February 20. Good luck!!!

Also, I'll be doing a make 'n take at Photo Craft this Sunday, February 22 from 12:00 - 2:00. We'll be making a little Easter, stop by if you're in the area!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dianne....You're the Winner!!!!

Hey Dianne, you just won the set of new baby stamps!!! Hooray for you!!! Please write to me at with your address...then I can mail these stamps out to you!!! Thank you again to everyone who entered!!!

Do you have the day off today?? I hope you do!!! Have a good one!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mix and Match Baby Stamps

Hope you're all having a nice Valentine's Day!! I just wanted to share the next bunch of new stamps in our line...stamps for a new baby!! I call it mix and match stamps because you can mix different stamps to match different's what I's a little favor you can use to announce a baby girl, or maybe to use as a shower favor (using "New Baby" and "Baby Girl" stamps):

Here's one for a baby boy (using "New Baby" and "Oh Boy" stamps):

The next 2 cards use our new stamps, "Jake" and "Kate". The "big brother" and "big sister":

You can mix and match them to make any's a good way to make the older kids in the family feel like they're a part of the happy occasion!!!'s the giveaway. Leave me a post by midnight tomorrow, February 15 (Hawaii time) you know someone expecting a little bundle soon? I'll pick one winner at random and announce their name on Monday, February 16. Thanks for stopping by today!!!

Note: One more thing...just to let you know...all our new designs have been posted to our website. If you would like to take a look at our complete line, just click here.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I have a special Valentine for Regina...Regina, you're the winner of the Elliot stamp set!!! Congratulations!!! Please email me at with your address and I will send Elliot right out to you!!! Thank you to everyone who entered...there are still more chances for you to win. If you're expecting, or know someone who is...I have a special set of stamps that I'll be introducing in just a little bit, so please check back!! Hope you all have a very special Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just Playing Around...

I found this pencil sharpener at Long's Drugs and was just goofing around with it...

I removed the clear cover and used my exacto knife to cut some cardstock to fit the base...then glued it on:

I stamped, colored and cut Baxter for a little Valentine greeting (note that I left a little tab under his feet...that way I can fold the tab back, put on some double stick tape and make him stand on the base:

I covered the base with printed cardstock and a ribbon...added some words with stamp #1110 (Valentine's Day) and some swirls with stamp #B103 (Fancy Scroll...using StazOn white ink)...and here's the end result:

Of course, you can use this idea for any occasion...just thought it might make a cute Valentine since Valentine's Day is only 2 days away!!! Don't still have until tomorrow to enter the drawing for the Elliot stamp...leave a comment in the post below!! Have a great night!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here's Elliot...

Next in line of our new designs is Elliot. He has a smile that just lights up a can't help but be a little happier when he's around!!

If you would like to win this cutie (along with the floral swirls and "Be Happy" wording)...just leave me a post by midnight tomorrow, February 13 (Hawaii time). Tell me what makes you super happy...a shopping spree at the craft store? a hot fudge brownie sundae? sleeping in late on the weekend? ( you may have guessed, those are some of mine). I'll pick one name at random and announce the winner on Saturday, February 14 (what a nice Valentine treat for someone!!). Look at the photo below to see what you could win:

Good luck to all!!!

Jenny, You're the Winner!!

Congratulations, Jenny!!! There were many entrants with a similar name, so the Jenny that won is the one that posted this comment:

Blogger Jenny said...

I love these stamps! Although I haven't really stamped in awhile, your stamps have inspired me to start stamping again! Sorry, I have no claim to fame when it comes to meeting celebrities. Only thing I can think of is that I entered a contest and got my work published.

February 9, 2009 6:13 PM

Jenny, please email me at with your address so I can mail the stamps to you!!! And a big thank you to everyone who entered...I get such a kick out of reading your comments!! There were a lot of cool "claims to fame"!! Stop by again later today...I'll be introducing more new stamps, along with another giveaway!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wanna Win Some Stamps?

Good morning!! I got my camera battery all charged up and here are the new stamps I wanted to share with you:

The guy with the balloons and flowers is Baxter!!! You know Buddy, the he is so excited to bring the perfect gift for you!!! Of course, Max the dog is not a new stamp (but, what's a party without cupcakes????). Look at the picture below for the stamps I'll be giving away:

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment by midnight tomorrow (February 10, Hawaii time) and I'll pick one name at random and announce the winner on Wednesday, February 11. Just for fun...tell me about your "claim to fame". I'll tell you mine. Around 5 years ago, my son was really into, I took him to Las Vegas to see a bunch of different magic shows. He was especially anxious to see Lance Burton's show at the Monte Carlo. Before the show we were hanging out at the Monte Carlo's magic shop and my son became friends with the magician who was working there. To make a long story short...that magician made arrangements for my son to meet Lance Burton after the show. What a thrill it was for him...we got to meet Lance Burton and also got to see Pat Morita (Karate Kid, Happy Days) who was also there after the show!!

ok...good luck!! I want to encourage all the people who stop by but never enter (I KNOW you want to!!!!) Take a might win!! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Stamp Giveaway Coming Soon!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!! I was rushing to get ready to post my next giveaway...then, my camera battery died!! Drats!! Oh well...sorry 'bout that!! I'll recharge my battery and do my giveaway in the morning!! Hope you all have a really good week!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

J's Knicknack's Make 'N Take

As promised, here's the project we did at the make 'n take today at J's's the perfect Valentine. It has all the necessary ingredients: hearts, chocolate and flowers:

I'm also introducing the next new stamp in my line...Baxter!!! He's a little on the shy side, but he has a heart of pure gold!! And he's here to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!! Actually, you can use him for any occasion...the "Happy Heart Day" stamp (#1106) is glued on in the back! :) Here's another sample using "Hoot & Annie":

You can download a pattern to make this project by clicking here. There are 3 pieces: heart-shaped outer piece, box (to hold candy...or other trinket) and a vase (it doesn't hold's just a place to put a few sprigs of flowers). Just cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines. Use double stick tape along the tabs to put the boxes together...also, to tape the box to the heart shaped base...and the vase to the box. The picture above shows how everything fits together. Then decorate any way you want!! If you like Baxter...check back tomorrow for a little giveaway!! Enjoy your weekend!! (I made it before 10:30 pm, Diane!! ;)