Friday, July 9, 2010

Where Did June Go?

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately...I really don't know what happened to the month of June...and July is already well on its way!! The good news is that I have been busy working on my holiday stamps!! They're not ready quite yet...but, they're coming soon!!!

Today I have a project for those of you who, like me, never seem to have paper in their purse. I'm constantly writing on the back of my electric bill envelope, a napkin or sales receipt. I found these flower-shaped post-it notes when I was out buying ink for my printer the other day...and made a little holder for it:

I used a clear acetate cover so that the cute post-it note is part of the design. Here's one more:

Click here for a pattern. There are 2 pattern pieces...cut the larger piece out of card stock and the smaller one out of acetate...fold along dotted lines and place double stick tape on the 3 tabs of the card stock piece. Cut a 3/8" x 5" piece of card stock to make a pen loop ( I cut a piece of acetate to the same size and glued the 2 pieces together to make the pen loop more durable). Wrap the loop around the pen (as shown below) ...make sure you leave enough room so you can take the pen in and out easily. Then put double stick tape on both sides of the pen loop and stick it to the card stock piece:

Remove all the backings from the double stick tapes and attach the acetate cover (as shown below). Now add one more strip of double stick tape (also shown below). Are you still with me? Now, fold the bottom flap up to conceal all the tabs. Use double stick tape one more time to attach the post-it note pad to the holder, and decorate the cover.

Now I'll have paper and a pen right there when I need it!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!