Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cute Corkboard!!

Happy Wednesday!! I found these cute little corkboards at Office Depot while I was picking up some supplies. I didn't know they made them THIS small!! They measure 1-1/2" x 10" and come in a pack of 4 for $5.99...not bad!! I went with an animal theme and stamped #4018 (Monkey), #4028 (Giraffe), #4029 (Hippo), #4030 (Lion) and #4031 (Tiger). Then I punched them out with the small (green) Marvy circle and oval punches. I colored in the animals and also the backgrounds. Then I covered them with Crystal Lacquer. It was hard to get a good picture because the crystal lacquer makes them really shiny, but also gives off a lot of glare!!! Here's a close-up so you can get a better look:

I also added some sequins and beads for color and tied some ribbons on the push pins! Now to put it to good's a reminder for all of you:

I'll announce the winners tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Sweet Surprise!

I thought it would be fun to be able to leave a sweet surprise for envelopes to open or packages to unwrap...just something sitting on a desk when someone comes in to work...or something waiting on a night stand to surprise your child when they wake up in the morning!! A card and gift all in one!! I drew up a simple pattern that you can download here.

Just trace the pattern onto your cardstock (you know I like the ones printed on both sides!!) Have the "inside" facing up before tracing your pattern. Then just cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines...put some double stick tape on the two little tabs.

Next, stick the bottom tab along the bottom edge of the card...and the other tab along the centerfold of the card.

Then just decorate with your stamps!! The first card used stamps #1012 (Pig Lying Down) and #4021 (Thinking of You). This card uses stamps #4018 (Monkey), #2020 (Smile) and #2025 (Kaki Mochi). (For those of you who are not from Hawaii...kaki mochi is a rice cracker snack).

Wouldn't this also be cute as a placecard/favor at your next get-together (maybe Mother's Day brunch? Or baby's 1st birthday?)...or with a bunch of flowers or gift card tucked in the pocket!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stamp Anything!

Here's a quick way to do a project without doing too much work. Next time you're going to give a gift...just "cute it up" a little by adding some stamped images to the label. It makes your gift just a little more, it takes only about 10-15 minutes for each one!

Stamps used are #3024 (Dog in Heart), #5048 (Be Happy) and #5047 (Flower Pot).

Thanks for stopping by...enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Just playing with some chipboard flowers from American Crafts. And I had the perfect printed paper to's from SEI (dizzy daisy). That's why it's ALWAYS important to buy all the paper you like...because you never know when it will match something you're working on perfectly (that's my reasoning anyway!!!).

Stamps used are # 5013 (Bear With Ladybug) and #2022 (Ladybug Hi).

I haven't been posting much recently because I've been busy working on some new stamp designs (yes, I'm still working on them!!!) Hopefully, I'll be finished with the drawings in the next week or two...then it'll be another month or so before they'll be ready to be revealed!!!

Hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mother's Day Giveaway!!

As I's my giveaway for Mother's Day!! In appreciation for all the hard-working moms out there (you know who you are!!)...I would like to give away some fun stuff!! This time, instead of giving out one big gift to one winner, I thought I'd make a bunch of smaller things to give out to lots of winners!!! 25 to be, your chances of getting one is pretty good!

They're little magnets with post-it notes. If you're anything like me, you're always looking for something to scribble a note on, or make a quick list for the market. You can keep these on the fridge so you'll always have paper close by. I started with a chipboard tag, then layered paper and stamps and covered everything with a layer of Mod, it's pretty durable! (Later, you can even put a little picture over the "Happy Mom's Day" sentiment!!) Here are close-ups of some of the magnets:

Every magnet has a different design! To win one of these magnets, just leave a post by the end of the month (4/30/ post per person, please). We'll see how it goes...up to 25 posts...everybody gets a magnet!!!! If there are more than 25 posts, I'll do a drawing for 25 winners! I'll announce the winners on May, make sure you check back because I'll need your address to mail out these magnets in time for Mother's Day!! Good luck!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chocolate is Good!

If you ever get tired of only sending cards to people...send chocolate!! Tell me...who doesn't love chocolate? Just wrap a bar up and decorate it like a card! This one uses stamps #5003 (Cat in Roses), #5031 (Floral Scroll), #4023 (Sending You Smiles) and #5033 (Solid Flower 2).

Use it for any occasion...this one is for a graduation. Stamps used are #1401 (Graduation Monkey) and #2013 (Happy Graduation).

I'm just about done with making things for my Mother's Day giveaway. I should be posting the giveaway sometime this week, so that you'll be able to get it in the mail by Mother's, check back!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Made It!!

Just wanted to do this post before I go to dinner. I stamped #4026 (Hooray Dog) and #3008 (Floral Thank You) on white cardstock and mounted it with double stick foam. Then I dangled #4004 (Mini Flower Power) from a jump ring. The bottom row is a patchwork of 1" x 1" scrap pieces of paper. The second square from the left is stamp #5030 (Scattered Flowers) stamped on white cardstock.

Sorry, I'm running late...gotta go!!! We're going to Aloha Tower for dinner tonight! Have a great weekend!!!

What a Week!

Phew!! There were so many things going on this week that I haven't had time to work on any projects! (I'll try to do another posting by the end of today to make up for it!!). Anyway.. here's a mother's day card that started with that little piece of bling on the bottom of the card. It's actually a little girl's hairclip. It caught my eye in the store because it was so cute, and sooooo tiny!! (Can you tell I never had a daughter to dress up?)

I used only one stamp on this's stamp #1302 (Happy Mother's Day). The rest of the card is centered around the paper from SEI (dancing dahlias). On each card I cut out one of the flowers and popped it up using double stick foam.

Thanks for stopping by...I'll be back later today!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mish Mash

I guess that best describes the style of this card...just a little bit of this and a little bit of that....glue it all on and you're done. Simple! The paper is from SEI (Caterpillar Cushion)...the striped paper is just the flip side. The white flower is a chipboard flower from American Crafts (with a green brad in the center). Stamps used are #4025 (Hooray Cat), #5058 (You Make Me Smile), #5033 (Solid Flower 2), #5054 (Parentheses) and #4022 (Solid Heart).

If you happen to be in the Enchanted Lakes area this Saturday, I'll be doing a make 'n take at the Ben Franklin out there. Stop by and say hi...I'll be there from 10:00 - 11:00.

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you're all having a great Tuesday!! Just wanted to post a quick card that I made last night. I don't know why, but I've been using pink a lot recently...somehow pink just punches things up a bit!! The finished size of this card is 3" x 3". First, I glued a piece of that black dotted paper. Then I glued half a circle scallop punch on the top and clipped it with a really tiny clip that I found at Long's (in the office supply section). Stamp #5037 (Little Dog) and #2020 (Smile) are mounted on double stick foam. Finish it off with stamp #5004 (Rosebud) and tie some ribbons on the clip.

Now I'm off to make some deliveries...can you believe the gas prices nowadays?!?!?! Ouch!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Just In The Nick Of Time!

I almost didn't make it for a Friday post!! First thing in the morning, I had no internet connection!!! Yikes!!! Sometimes we rely tooooo much on our computers, don't ya think? Anyway, I made it!!! Here's an idea for a Mother's Day card. I'm having more fun these days playing with colors and papers, and keeping the design simple. I'm loving my new papers from Bo Bunny (hope you're not overdosing on them yet!!).

Stamps used are #2024 (Duckies), #1301 (Happy Mom's Day), #5006 (Daisy) and # 5004 (Rosebud). It's Friday!!! Have a great weekend...hope you find a little time to stamp!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Magnet Bookmarks

This is an idea I've been meaning to try for awhile. Whenever I go to the bookstore, I love to stop by and see the little "gifty" things they have. I bought a few of those magnet bookmarks they sell and I really like them because you don't have to worry about your bookmark falling out as you read...or misplacing your bookmark if you take it out of your book until you're done. So, I decided to try to make some of my own. I started with cutting a piece of patterned cardstock to fit the front of a chipboard piece. I glued it on and sanded the edges. Then I punched out a piece of coordinating paper with a small scalloped oval punch...and glued that on. Next I stamped, colored and cut # 1103 (Happy Mouse) and added some bling. I coated the whole thing with Mod Podge to give it a protective layer.

To make the part that hooks over the page, I cut 2 pieces of cardstock (approx. 3/4" x 3-1/4"). I tried it with just one piece of cardstock, but it was a little too flimsy. Next score 2 fold lines so that there is a 1/4" section in the middle of this strip of paper...and glue the 2 pieces of paper together.

Glue one side to the back of the chipboard piece and trim to match the bottom edge. Attach a piece of printed cardstock to cover the back and apply Mod Podge all over the back and "flap" piece.

Glue on 2 small magnets as shown.

Now just clip the bookmark over your page...the two magnets will clip together and mark your place until you're ready to continue your reading.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fan Bag

Happy Wednesday!! Here's the favor idea I promised from yesterday. For some reason my camera wasn't cooperating and I had to keep re-taking my pictures. Maybe it's more because the weather is so dreary today and the light coming in isn't bright enough. Whatever the reason, I think these pictures are good enough!

I don't have a pattern for this favor...I just use whatever box I have around the house. You'll probably have to play around with the sizing a little...make sure you cut the paper tall enough to fan the top...but you can make the favor as big or as small as you want...or even use it as a gift bag.

Start by wrapping your paper around your box (like you're wrapping a present). But only close off the bottom. Secure with double stick tape.

Fold in the sides like a paper bag.

Fan fold the top in the manner shown above. Make sure all your creases are crisp.

Now, pull the two sides of the top flap towards the center. (This would be a good time to open up the bag and add your goodies before you proceed).

You're almost done...slip a piece or ribbon in the middle of the "fan", and put double stick tape along half of the top flap...then tape the "fan" closed, tie your ribbon and dangle a stamped image from a jump ring (I used #5040...Butterfly With Rose). Paper is from K & Company (Lime Garden).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I knew I had to make a thank you card (Arigato is "thank you" in Japanese) when I found this cherry blossom paper at Ben Franklin. The sakura design matched perfectly with stamp # 1031 (Arigato) and #4011 (Sakura). The paper is from Paper Intelligence and is a washi it tears very nicely. I used two different tones of this paper (one with a pink background and one with a white background). I stamped and colored the "arigato" and "sakura" stamps on an off-white cardstock and wrapped it with gold thread (taped in the back). I don't know if you can see it, but the center of each sakura is printed in a metallic gold ink, so the gold thread matches perfectly. Then I mounted the cardstock on double stick foam. To finish the card off I added some Stickles glitter glue in "Platinum". I squeezed some glue out here and there, then using a scrap piece of paper, I just smeared it around to give the card some subtle glitz.

Ok...that's it for today!! Oh! I have a cute favor idea for, check back!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Mom's Day

Mother's Day is just about a month away!! Time to get busy stamping cards for all the "moms" in your life...whether it's your mom, grandma, aunty or some other special lady in your life!! For this card I used paper from Bo Bunny. I just picked some up from Stamps & Memories in Aiea. Love the colors!!!

For this card I used Tutu Dot, Blush Dot and Orange Citrus Dot. I made the card a little smaller than I normally do...but, I liked this proportion better. The finished size is 3-1/2" x 5". I glued a strip of the light pink dots and stamped #1301 (Happy Mom's Day). Then I glued a 3" x 3" square of printed paper (I used Pretty Pink Asterisks from Doodlebug Design). To make the frame, I punched a hole with a Marvy circle punch...then I centered that hole in a larger Marvy scallop circle punch. I tied a bow and mounted the frame with double stick foam. Then I stamped, colored and cut #1104 (Dog With Heart) and mounted him on double stick foam too. To finish, I stamped #5033 (Solid Flower 2) and added some bling to the center.

I know a lot of you out there are moms and you must be thinking....Who's going to stamp a card for me? Well...I'm working on a giveaway for you hardworking moms out, make sure you check back towards the end of the month to see what I'm giving away!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where Has The Weekend Gone?

I can't believe it's already Sunday afternoon!! Hope you all had a great weekend!! If you have a little time to stamp tonight...maybe this will give you a little inspiration.

Start with a 6"x 9" piece of cardstock...use one that's printed on both sides (nothing too dark or busy though because you'll be stamping right over the print).

Fold it into 3 panels using a fan fold.

Then stamp #5001 (Dog in Flowers) somewhere just below the middle of the front panel...and #5005 (Bear in Flowers) at the top of the 3rd panel.

Flip the card over and stamp #5003 (Cat in roses) on the middle panel...somewhere midway between the dog and the bear (you'll have to hold the card up to the light to see the 2 stamps on the front).

Now just cut the card as shown...cutting around each of the stamps. Don't worry about making straight cuts...part of the charm is in the uneven cut. Then with the card folded I punched a 1/8" hole in 2 places (punching through 2 layers close to each fold line), then finish it off by tying a ribbon through the punched holes (don't tie it too want to make sure you can still open and close the card).

Bonus idea!! Add double stick tape to the side and bottom of the front panel to make a little pocket. Then you can use it as a money card or gift card holder!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just a Note

Happy Wednesday!! Just getting ready to deliver a few orders...but, before I do I thought I'd share a little card I made last night.

I love the pastel colors of the papers....all are from Lasting Impressions. The finished card measures 3" x 4" and is edged with Stickles Icicles. To make the pocket...cut a 1-3/4" x 2-3/4" piece of cardstock. Score a 1/4" tab on both sides and along the bottom edge, then fold back the 3 tabs. Attach the pocket to the card with double stick tape. The rest is just a matter of stamping, coloring and cutting. Stamps used are #5043 (Peeking Monkey), #5002 (Flower), #5004 (Rosebud) and #5006 (Daisy). I used 2 sizes of the Marvy tag punches to make the tag, and stamped #4012 (Just a Note). Punch a 1/8" hole at the top of the tag and thread a ribbon through it.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Birthday

Just a quick idea for a birthday card. I made it into a first birthday card because this stamp reminds me of one of my favorite books as a child...Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. I used stamp #4027 (Alligator) and punched them out in squares...coloring the character as well as the background. I mounted each square onto cardstock edged with a zigzag keep that alligator/crocodile feel to it. I just mixed and matched a bunch of bright colors to make it a fun and happy card!! (Happy 1st Birthday stamp is # 1028).

I'm Still Here!

Sorry I haven't been able to post much recently...but, there is a reason. I don't mean to tease you (well, maybe just a little bit)...but, I've been busy working on some new stamp designs. I'm still in the sketching stage so it'll be a while before the actual stamps are ready...I'll keep you posted on my progress!

The good news is that I have time to work on some cards today, so check back later to see what I've come up with!! Have a great day!