Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Thank You Card and Some Cuteness to Share

Back with one more way to use our new set CL-18 (Kokeshi Candy)'s not just for Girl's Day!!  Instead of using the front and back view, I went with just the front view to make this thank you card:

Other stamps used:  Small Sakura is from CL-8 (Friends), Large Sakura is from CL-1 (Happy Wishes) and Arigato sentiment is from SC-10 (Peony).

Also wanted to share some really cute projects from a couple of really special people.  The first is from a new friend, Erin!!  Here's the outside of her card (wait til you see the inside!!)

And the inside!!  All these cute guys pop up as you open the cute!!

And here's one from good ol'!! Click here to check out what else she's been up to!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kokeshi Doll

Got a little carried away...but I made this little doll stand to house a chocolate candy using our new cling set CL-18 (Kokeshi Candy):

Click here to get a pattern.  It may sound complicated, but once you score all the fold lines it really does come together by itself.  But, I will do my best to explain.  First, cut along solid lines and fold along dotted lines.  Shown below is the base piece (left) and the cover piece (right):

I flipped each piece over so that you can see more clearly where double stick tape needs to be applied.  You'll need 10 pieces of tape on the base piece and 4 pieces on the cover.

The cover is easier, just tape the 4 tabs to make the corners.  For the base, start by removing the backing from the 4 small tabs to adhere to sides (below):

Next, remove the backing from the remaining 2 side tabs as well as the backing from the horizontal tab...fold top flap down.  Horizontal tab will be taped to the floor of the base. (Note that the  top flap is the one with shorter "arms")

Remove remaining backings and fold the bottom flap up (with horizontal tab being taped to the floor of the base)

At this point you can insert your candy into the slot (I added a piece of double stick tape to the bottom of my candy to secure it to the base...sorry forgot to take a picture of this step).  Next, cut out the strip pattern (the marks on the pattern are the fold lines)  Tape a piece of 3-1/2" x 8-3/4" piece of acetate to the strip and score.  Add another strip of double stick tape to the bottom and one side, as shown below:

Remove the backing tape from the bottom and (starting with the side that has no  tape, match bottom and folds to the base piece:

Go all the way around the base and end by taping the acetate ends together:

I taped a piece of gold paper (2-3/8" x 2-3/4") to the back wall to cover the back seam...placed the cover on top and tied with a ribbon...and added some stamped girl's day sakura to finish it off.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Magnetic Bookmarks

Made a bunch of magnetic bookmarks using the smaller of the 2 stamps from our new cling set.

The bookmarks magnetically clip onto the page of your book (front side):

...and back side:

To make the bookmark, the size really doesn't matter.  I used a jumbo Marvy scallop rectangle punch for my base and then folded it in half.  I layered a couple of different contrasting papers and glued the front view on one square and the back view on another square. (I tried to line up the back and front views when I put the 2 squares back to back).  You'll also need a couple of magnetic disks (Make sure you have a positive and a negtive).

Flip the 2 square pieces over and stick one magnet to each (making sure that the magnet will be on the side that's closest to the cut edge of the base piece).

 Then put a piece of double stick tape over each magnet:

Flip over and attach to the base piece.  For each square piece, glue down the side that's closest to the fold.  Remove backing from double stick tape to hold magnet in place.  Then simply fold the bookmark over your page and the magnets will hold it in place.

Here's a bookmark using the larger of the 2 stamps.  This time I cut a long piece of card stock and folded it so that the bookmark would fold over the top of the book:

...and here's the back view:

While I was at it...I thought it would also make a cute gift tag:

ok...hope your weekend was a good one...have a really great week!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Quick Variation

With just a few tweaks, I used our new (large) Kokeshi Candy Stamp to make a quick and easy lollipop cover:

I started with a strip of card stock, 1-1/2" x 6".  Using a 1/8" hole punch, I punched 2 holes close to each edge of the paper (you can fold your paper in half, lengthwise, to match up the holes on each edge). Stamp, color and cut out just the kokeshi part of the stamp (I paper-pieced her kimono and obi).  Next, center and stamp front and back images as shown below:

Mount your kokeshi onto the card stock using double stick foam.  On the flip side of your lollipop cover, put a strip of double stick tape down the center...this will hold your lollipop in place.  Then simply fold the lollipop cover over the lollipop, thread a ribbon through the previously punched holes and tie a ribbon.  You can add a "Happy Girl's Day" sentiment if you choose.

New Stamps - Kokeshi Candy!!

Hope you're all having a great Saturday!!!  Just stopping in to share our latest set with you...just in time for Girl's Day!!!  CL-18 (Kokeshi Candy).  There are instructions included in this set to make these cute favors:

Add the sakura tag to make it especially for Girl's Day!!  This larger stamp is made to fit "snack-sized" candies.

This smaller stamp is made for "miniature-sized" candies.  I also found a bag of assorted okoshi (at Wholesale Unlimited) that fits perfectly with the larger wrapper:

I'll be back soon with more uses for this new stamp set!!!