Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedded Bliss

Here's the next design in my new line...I used StazOn white ink to stamp the swirls and also the wording on the acetate circle (using a blue Marvy circle punch). Adhesive pearls are from Hero Arts. Gotta run...I'm working on a new pattern for tomorrow!!

We've Got a Winner!!!!

The Buddy stamp and the Chocolate Dipped stamp goes to........


Congratulations, Cami!!! Please send me an email with your address to Have fun with the stamps!!!

Thank you to everyone for guys sure know some goooood chocolate stuff!!! Like a lot of you, I like ANYTHING chocolate...but, if you give me a bag of M&M's peanut...I'm good to go!!!!

There's a few more new designs coming...I'll try to post a card today.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here's Buddy!!

The next addition to our line is Buddy the monkey...

I made this sample with some things I picked up at J's Knicknacks. If you've ever been to J's, you know that he also carries some sports trading cards...this little plastic case is to protect the cards...but when you're a stamper, everything you get your hands on becomes stamping supplies!!!! I also got that cute pink frame from J''s from Provo Craft (Rob and Bob gelly-os).

Ready for another giveaway? Leave a post by Sunday, June 29 (Hawaii time)...this time tell me what your favorite CHOCOLATE thing is!!!! The winner will receive a Buddy stamp and a Chocolate dipped wishes stamp!!! I'll pick one winner at random and announce their name on Monday, June, please remember to check back!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Kacie, you're the winner!!!

Thank you to all for entering the drawing for the Maddy & Pip stamp!!!! Kacie, please emal me at with your address and I'll send the stamp out to you!!! For the rest of you...there's more fun on the way!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Meet Sam...

Sam is Maddy's best bud and all-around good guy. Being from Hawaii, you know I had to do a beach scene, right? it is:

I drew up a really simple pattern that you can download here. And, here's a peek of the inside:

Thanks for stopping by...check back to see more new designs!! Also, remember to sign up for the Maddy & Pip stamp giveaway on the post below...deadline to enter is midnight tonight, 6/27 (Hawaii time).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Designs!!!!

Thank you to all of you who have been so patiently waiting...and for all of the emails checking to see if I've fallen off the edge of the world!!! I haven't...I'm still here... just busy getting my new stamps made and out to your favorite stores!!! And now...finally...I'm ready to start sharing them with you!!!

First of all...let me introduce you to Madison (Maddy)...the little star of the show (along with her friend, Pip)...

This is the first in a series of Maddy stamps. I'll be giving away this stamp #C104 (Maddy & Pip) to one lucky, leave a comment by tomorrow, Friday June 27 (Hawaii time) and I'll randomly pick one winner. I'll announce the winner on Saturday, June 28...please remember to check back because I need your address to send out the stamp!!!!!

I'll be introducing the rest of the new by, please check back!!!

One more note...I'll have the entire line posted to my website on July 1. Hope it was worth the wait!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Make 'N Take at J's Knicknacks I promised, here's a look at the make 'n take we did this morning at J's Knicknacks:

It's a little milk carton favor that measures approximately 3-3/4" here to download a pattern. Simply cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines (you know the routine!). Use double stick tape along the side tab and tape the box together. Tuck in the bottom flaps (the side with the longer flaps)...then just use a very little bit of glue to close the top (you want to still be able to open it up later to get the treats out!!) Here's a side-view so you can see a little better:

Stamps used: #1208 (Peeking Chick), # 5043 (Peeking Monkey), #2020 (Smile), #5059 (You're Sweet), #5002 (Flower), #5004 (Rosebud) and #5006 (Daisy). Thanks to Cliff and Cheryl for a really fun morning!!!

Demo at J's

Just getting ready for my demo at J's Knicknacks today (10:00 - 12:00). I'll be posting the project later on today, so please check back..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Drum Roll, Please....

And the 3 winners of our giveaway are......(crowd cheers)

ETHAN MASHIMO (yay!!!!!!!)

JAN (this was her first time!!! beginner's luck!!!)

and last, but not least.....


Thank you everyone for playing!!!! If the 3 winners could send me an email ( with their address, I can get these tins out to you right away!!!

There's more exciting news brewing here in the coming weeks...stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Time For a Giveaway!!

Ok...time for a little fun!!! Here's what I'm giving away:

Well...this is how it started off. I got these little mint tins at Cute Stuff and this is how it ended up:

I have three of these guys to give away. They're all decorated a little differently, but they all have the same stuff inside. 1 post-it notepad, 1 pen, 1 paper clip and 1 scotch tape/ 3 Dandelion stamps!!!

Here's a close-up of the first set:

...and the second set:

...and the last set:

All you have to do is leave a post by Thursday, June 19 (Hawaii time)...then I'll randomly draw 3 names and announce the winners on Friday morning (June 20)!!! Be sure to check back on Friday, because the winners will have to email me their addresses so I can mail out the goodies!!!

Also, I'll be doing a make 'n take this Saturday (June 21) at J's Knicknacks from 10:00 - 12:00...hope you get a chance to stop by!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Love & Aloha

Hope you're all having a nice, relaxing Father's Day Sunday! Just wanted to share two cards using some of my hawaiian stamps.

This first card uses stamps #1003 (Fern), #1004 (Plumeria), #1020 (Hibiscus) and #5014 (Love & Aloha). Use a bit of raffia for a more local feel.

This second card uses #2001 (Aloha Flowers), #2003 (Aloha Heart), #4002 (Plumeria Background) and # 5014 (Love & Aloha).

Hmmm...I was just thinking that it's been awhile since my last giveaway...maybe I should work on something...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Remember Dioramas?

This card made me think of all those dioramas we had to make in grade school...remember the shoe boxes? I've had these acrylic boxes in my stash for a long time and I never could figure out what to do with them. It reminded me of an aquarium, so I decided to make a mini aquarium diorama!!!

The box measures 1" x 2" and I covered the inside back "wall" with Arctic Ice has a blue tinge to it that makes it look like water. For the "seaweed", I was able to use some fibers...another thing that has been sitting around for a long time. You know how sometimes you buy an assortment of ribbons and cords...and then there's that one wild, crazy, hairy thing in the assortment that never gets used...I finally found a use for it!!! I had to trim it a little...but, I think it makes a very decent seaweed!! :) Here's a close-up:

On the cover of the card I used "bubbly-looking" paper from SEI (Love Beads)...and also accented it with the same glitter glue as the inside. The rectangle was punched out with a large (pink) Marvy rectangle punch.

Stamps used: #1019 (Fish) and #4023 (Sending You Smiles).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Using Some Leftovers

I had some leftover corkboards from a few posts back and thought I'd try making some into cards. I cut them into 3" pieces and could make 3 cards out of one corkboard strip. (They're pretty easy to cut using a sharp exacto knife). I stamped, colored and cut stamp #5023 (I Forgot Pig), then painted it with Mod Podge and glued it to the top of a push pin. The note is made with stamp #5024 (I Forgot). I also made a coordinating strip by stamping #5020 (Oops) in different colors.

To all of you who have a holiday tomorrow...have a good day off!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tag Card

It's funny how you get some ideas...I got this idea when I was cleaning the mess off my work area. I had rejects from some projects that I tucked into the fold of another rejected idea...and voila! New project!! Here's what it looks like on the inside:

It's a card full of different tags with different's the details: Start with a 5" x 7" piece of cardstock (printed on both sides). Make a score line (running parallel with the 5" side of the paper) at 1" from the edge. Make another score line 3" from the first score line. Fold. Make a 1/2" cut in the middle of the first fold...slip a 6" piece of ribbon through this cut and secure the end with double stick tape (as shown below).

Also, punch out a piece of coordinating paper with a large (pink) scalloped oval punch...fold in half lengthwise...make a 1/2" cut in the middle of the fold line and slip another piece of 6" ribbon through the slit. Secure with double stick tape. Next, center and glue the scalloped oval (with ribbon) to the other end of the card:

Apply glue to the sides of the 1" fold to make a little pocket...then fill with assorted gift tags. Here's a closer look at the tags:

Stamps used: #2022 (Ladybug Hi), #5048 (Be Happy), #5049 (Have Fun), #5055 (Laugh Out Loud), #5012 (Happy B-Day), #5006 (Daisy) and #5053 (Peeking Penguin).

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's Up?

Hi! Hope your weekend is going well! Here's a little 3" x 3" card I made using stamp #3022 (What's Up). First I stamped just the dog part of the stamp three times and cut them out. Then I cut 3 strips of white cardstock approximately 5/8" x 2". I placed each dog on a piece of cardstock (in different positions) and trimmed whatever was sticking over the edge of the cardstock. Next I mounted each white strip on a printed paper (approximately 7/8" x 2-1/4")...glue these pieces onto the card...add some ribbon and flower brads. On the inside I used the word part of the stamp. If you ink it up very carefully, you can get just the words.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mini "Coffee" Bags

Here's another quick pattern for you to here to download. I got the idea when I saw these colorful twist ties:

It's really part of a kit to make a little fish by bending the twist ties together...but since I'm always looking for how I can use things with rubber stamps...I bag! Cut the pattern along the solid lines and score along the dotted ones. To make the "window frame", I punched out a square using a blue Marvy punch. Then centered the square hole in the middle of a large (pink) scalloped square punch. Next, place the window frame where you want it on the bag, and trace the square onto the bag. Cut this square out with an exacto knife. Cut a piece of acetate just slightly larger than the square opening. Glue the acetate right over the opening on the bag...then glue the frame right over that. Now just use double stick tape to close the sides and bottom...and also to tape the twist tie onto the top of the bag (centered and taped to the backside). To close the bag, fold the top over twice (along scored lines) and bend the twist ties forward. Here's a sample using a circle punch (blue) and scalloped circle punch (pink):

Stamps used on first bag: #1007 (Elephant), #1107 (Heart Balloon) and #5012 (Happy B-Day).

Stamps used on second bag: #1004 (Plumeria) and #3006 (Mahalo Plenty).

Friday, June 6, 2008

Floral Butterfly

Just a quick post to share a card I made today. It actually uses just 2 Dandelion stamps...#5027 (Floral Butterfly) and #4016 (Script Happy Birthday). The Happy Birthday stamp was punched out with a large (blue) Marvy circle punch and the scalloped circle is punched with a pink Marvy punch. The floral butterfly was stamped on white cardstock, cut out and folded in the middle to give it a 3-D effect...then I added some rhinestones down the center. The rest of the card is just layered paper, a flower brad (Making Memories) and green ribbon from Heidi Grace Designs.

It's Friday!!! Hope you find some time to stamp this weekend!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This Card Drove Me Crazy!!

Ever have one of those cards that just doesn't turn out the way you want? You keep adding more and more things hoping that it will make the card better...but, you're just not happy with the result? That was this card!!! At the end I was satisfied...but, you should have seen the many different versions this card went through!!! Anyway, here's what I ended up with:

The blue piece on the top is half of a paper punched from a Marvy scalloped oval punch (mounted on double stick foam). I punched a 1/8" hole on the bottom edge of the scallop and threaded a ribbon through the hole to tie the hanger on. The saying (#5055 - Laugh Out Loud) is also mounted on double stick foam. I used a small rectangle punch to make slots to thread the blue ribbon through...then secured the ribbon with tape on the back. The mouse (#1103 - Happy Mouse) is bouncing off the card with a fine silver wire (wrapped around a pencil to make it "boingy"...that's a word, right?).

One last note...that flower on the bottom is made with a flower brad and a photo anchor. The photo anchor started off with a pewter, I painted it green to look like a leaf.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Did a Little Shopping

There's nothing like buying some new supplies to get those ideas flowing!! This weekend I got a chance to stop by Cute Stuff and picked up a few new things to play with...I'll be sharing them with you over the next few days. Here's the first thing I made using some cool acetate cards:

I started off with paper from Paper Salon (Blossom: daisies)...I cut out 2 of the flowers, plus I traced and cut out 2 more flowers out of some coordinating paper (make sure you put the papers back-to-back when tracing the flower so the coordinating papers will be facing the right way). Next I taped some ribbons behind the daisies and mounted the whole thing with double stick foam tape (one daisy on the cover of the card, one daisy on the inside). Then I used the coordinating paper daisies to cover the foam and tape on the backside of the daisies. Here's a picture to show you what I'm talking about:

This coordinating paper also provides you with a place to write your message. Stamps used: 5008 (Ladybug With Flower), 5009 Bug With Flower), 5039 (2 Ladybugs) and 2020 (Smile).