Monday, June 29, 2009

One Last Giveaway

Hi!! Thanks for checking back for my final giveaway!! Are you ready? It took me a little longer to get this one ready because since it's my last giveaway (for now, anyway)...I threw in a bunch of stamps, so I had to make a bunch of cards. Take a look:

Here's the giveaway:

To win these stamps...just leave me a comment by midnight on Wednesday, July 1 (Hawaii time). I'll draw one winner at random and announce their name on Thursday, July 2. Good Luck!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guess Who's The Winner?

JONI H.!!! Congratulations, Joni!! You're the winner of the "Guess Who" assortment of stamps!!! Please send me an email ( with your address and these stamps will be on their way to you!!! Thank you to everyone who entered!! I'll be having one final giveaway...I don't know if I'll be able to post it today, but I'll have it up by tomorrow (Monday) for sure!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guess Who?

**Note** The pattern for the gift card on the "Meet Catnip" post was not printing out to the true size...the problem has been corrected. Sorry if any of you tried it and had problems with it!!!

Phew!! Made it just in time for a post today!!! Next in line of our new designs is Peeking Hoot (of Hoot & Annie fame):

Pull the insert piece up and a message appears:

Click here for a pattern. As usual, cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines. There are four pattern pieces for this project, plus the actual card. For the card...cut a piece of cardstock to 6" x 6" and fold in half to make a 3" x 6" card.

There are 3 pieces that make the front of the card...I cut them out of 3 different, coordinating papers. Cut a hole in the middle of the top 2 pieces (you can use a yellow Marvy circle punch if you have one). Line the 3 pieces up (as shown below) and tape together from the backside:

Apply double stick tape to all the tabs. The last piece is the insert piece...put the insert piece into the piece you just taped together, fitting it between the tabs. It should look like this:

Remove the backing from the double stick tape and attach to the card. To add Hoot and the sentiment to the card...punch more circles with a yellow Marvy circle punch. Glue stamped, colored and cut image of Hoot onto one circle...stamp the sentiment on another circle and leave one circle blank. The best way to position these decorated circles onto the insert piece is to flip the card over and fit each circle right through the punched holes on the front. Here's a picture of the insert piece so you can get a better idea of what I'm doing:

Once you've done that, you can stamp another sentiment on the inside of the card:

Here are the stamps I'm giving away today:

The Hoot & Annie stamp is not new, but it just went too perfectly with the others to leave it out!! If you would like to win these stamps, leave me a comment by midnight on Saturday, June 27...and I'll announce a winner on Sunday, June 28. Tell me a silly fact about yourself. Me? My left ankle clicks when I walk down, you'll hear step, click, step, click... ha! ha! Have fun and good luck to all!!!

Today's Winner Is...

Kris!!! Congratulations,'re the winner of the Elliot stamps!!! Please send your address to me at, and I'll send the stamps out to you!!! Thank you to all of you who entered...I swear I could hear the ahhhhhs as I read each of your comments!!! (Now remember to make time to do those things you wrote about!!!)

I'll be back later on today to do another giveaway. Also, I'll post all the new designs to our website by the end of today, so please be sure to check back for that!!! Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Take It Easy...

Elliot is back in our next new stamp!! You know that whatever Elliot does, he does it with his whole heart...and that includes relaxing too!!! Can't you just hear him breathing a sigh of total relaxation...ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Feeling the warm sun and cool water...floating along without a care in the world!!! In this hectic world, I think we all need a reminder once in awhile to just take some time to take it easy.

To make this card, I cut a piece of cardstock 5" (wide) x 5-1/5" (high). Make two score lines: one 3/4" from the bottom, and the other 1" away from the first. Fold along both scored lines. Make two 1/2" clips right through the inner fold on the right side...and two more on the left side. These to tabs are going to be pushed inward to form a pop-up card. The clips are shown below:

I also cut (freehand) some waves along the bottom edge. The picture below shows the two tabs "popped-up". Next cut a strip of cardstock into a 1" x 5" strip. Cut more waves into the top edge of this strip. Cut a groove into this piece approx. 1/8" wide. This will be the track that Elliot will float along. Insert a brad into the groove. Make sure it's tight enough to stay in place...but loose enough to slide along the track:

Next...attach the strip with the brad onto the two pop-up tabs. I used a glue dot to attach Elliot to the brad, then taped a piece of ribbon behind Elliot (this will be used to pull Elliot through the waves). I also used Crystal Lacquer to make his tube look more realistic:

Here's the giveaway for today:

The sun is not a new stamp, but the rest are. I thought the Aloha Friday stamp would work well with Elliot too!!! For those of you from other parts of the world...every Friday is Aloha Friday here in Hawaii...just our way of celebrating the end of the week and the start of the weekend!!! I left a space on the stamp in case you want to use just the "have a great weekend" sentiment.'s the deal...leave me a comment by midnight tomorrow, June 24. Tell me what makes you go ahhhhhhhhh!!! Mine would be getting a talking, please...just relaxing!!! Thanks for putting up with my questions...I just get a kick out of what you all have to say!!! Good luck and I'll announce the winner on Thursday, June 25!!!


YOU WON THE CATNIP STAMPS!!!! Congrats!!!! Send me an email ( with your address and I'll send the stamps out to you!!! I'm working on my next giveaway...I'll share it with you as soon as I'm done so please check back later!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet Catnip

Our new little kitty is named Catnip, and she's carrying a dandelion that's sure to make wishes come true!!! Just blow and make a wish!!! I don't know if you can see it in the picture...but, I stamped and embossed a dandelion seed (another new stamp!!) on vellum...floating off on a breeze...

This card will be sure to make wishes come true if you know exactly what the recipient likes, because when you pull on the sentiment "make a wish"...the perfect gift card (or money) slides out!!! Click here for a pattern.

There are two pattern for the outside card and one for the insert piece where you'll tape the gift card or money. Cut along solid lines and fold along dotted lines. Fit the insert piece into the other piece as shown above. Put double stick tape on 4 tabs...then crease along center fold and adhere. Your card should now look like this:

I have a half circle drawn on the pattern for that cut-out piece shown above...but, you can also use a Marvy (yellow) circle punch if you have one. I punched out 2 more circles in a contrasting paper with the Marvy (yellow) circle punch. I stamped the sentiment "make a wish" on one of the circles. Glue both circles back to back to the insert piece (right into the half circle opening). Then decorate as desired:

Now for the's what's up for grabs:

The "It's Your Birthday" stamp is not a new stamp, but it went so well with this combination that I'll throw it in too!!! Just leave me a comment by midnight Monday, June 22 (Hawaii time) and tell me what gift card you would be wishing for if you received this card. I'll pick one winner at random and announce their name on Tuesday, June 23. Good luck to all!!! more thing!!! Here's a card Lianne (Cute Stuff) made with Catnip...she was sweet enough to share this adorable card with me:

Our First Winner Is Denise!!!

Congratulations, Denise!!! Please email me at with your address, and I'll send Buddy right out to you!!! I'll be back later on today to introduce the next in our line of new the meantime, check out the card Cheryl made with Buddy!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our First New Design...Watermelon Buddy!!

Watermelon Buddy is the first of our new designs!! What better way to cool off during the hot summer than with an ice cold slice of watermelon? Mmmmm...

I was able to find some watermelon candy and made this little favor. Want a pattern? Click here. There are two pattern piece for the backing and one piece for a little watermelon-shaped notecard on top. You'll also need to cut a piece of coordinating paper to cover the front flap of the card, as shown below:

On the backing piece...score along the dotted line and fold over to form a 1/4" tab. Place double stick tape along this tab. Also, fold the watermelon card in half (make sure the printed side of the paper is on the inside...that's where you'll be able to write your note). Match the fold of the card to the top of the backing piece and attach. Next, stamp the sentiment "Sending You Watermelon Smiles" onto the coordinating paper and glue it onto the front flap of the card:

I filled a 3" x 4" plastic bag with the watermelon candy and taped it to the backing piece to keep it from moving around:

Fold the back flap of the card over your bag of a 4" piece of ribbon...and staple all the layers together:

Punch a 1/8" hole into the front flap of the card...this is where you'll thread the ribbon to tie the card closed. Then just decorate with little Buddy!!!

Giveaway time!!! To win these two new stamps...just leave me a comment by midnight tomorrow, June 19 (Hawaii time). I'll announce the winner on Saturday, June, remember to check back to see if you won because I'll need to get your address!! Besides watermelon...tell me your favorite way to cool off during the hot, hot summer (It's already starting to be the hottest summer in recent memory here in Hawaii!!!). When I was young, my aunt would mix strawberry syrup, water and evaporated milk...then freeze it in ice cube trays while we went out to play. By the time we came back in the house it would be frozen and ready for us to eat!!! Yumm!!! Looking forward to your comments...stay cool!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Designs Sneak Peek!!!

It's been a very hectic month...but, my new designs are finally here and I wanted to give you a tiny, little peek at what they look like:

I'll be introducing the new designs to you (one by one) over the next week or so. If you cannot wait and want to see the new stamps up close and personal NOW, please stop by your favorite stamp store. (If your favorite stamp store doesn't have our stamps yet...maybe you could point them in our direction. ;)

Anyway...check back to see the new designs (plus enter a few giveaways!!!). I'll upload all the new designs to my website on June 25. See you soon!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inspired by a Bag of Nuts

Picked up these bags of pistachios yesterday and thought...hey, I can do that!!! It's the same idea I originally learned from Brian over at Photo Craft...just adding a little twist by using cellophane instead of paper or a photo.

Start with a piece of cellophane 2-1/2" x 4" and 2 strips of printed paper cut to 1/2" x 4" (yay!! Using up more scraps!!!) . Put 2 strips of double stick tape on the back of each strip of paper:

Take one backing paper off each of the strips of paper (leave one of the backing papers on for now)...then adhere the cellophane to the 2 strips of paper as shown:

Now put double stick tape along one side of the cellophane:

Take the backing off the last piece of double stick tape...roll the cellophane into a tube and adhere :

Remove the backing paper off one end, and with seam at the center back, pinch end together:

Add your treats into the pouch at this time...remove the last piece of backing paper and pinch this end in the opposite direction as shown:

I crimped both ends with a paper crimper and edged it with a zigzag scissors, then punched a hole at the top and tied on a tag and flowers..perfect for a summery get-together!!!

Stamps used: #4009 (Sun) and #5047 (Flower Pot). Of course, you can play with the size to suit your needs. This favor comes out quite tiny...but, there's always something extra cute about something so small!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bits &Pieces

I never seem to be able to throw away my extra scraps of paper...I always think I can use the little bits someday....but, those scraps keep collecting until I have a monster pile of bits & pieces!! So, my mission this summer is to try to use up all (ok...maybe some) of those scraps of paper. I'll share my ideas with you as they come up. In my first project I cut up scrap pieces of paper into 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" squares and made this card:

Then I got a little carried away and made a whole set of cards:

These cards are made from 4" x 6" pieces of cardstock, folded in half to make a finished size of 3" x 4". Then I decided to make some custom "envelopes"...more like bags. I have a really simple template that you can get by clicking here. Just cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines. Use double stick tape along the tabs to assemble...then just cut the top with a zigzag scissors and punch a half circle with a small Marvy (orange) circle punch.

I also used more 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" squares on the front of the bag to address the card.

One thing led to another and I ended up packaging the cards into a set. I put 4 cards and 4 envelopes into a 4" x 6" clear envelope. I cut a strip of scrap paper into a 1-1/2" x 5"...folded it in half lengthwise, cut 2 slots into the fold of the strip and taped down 2 ends of a 9" pieces of ribbon (for a handle)...then added double stick tape to 2 edges. The picture below should make things clearer:

Take the backing paper off the 2 strips of double stick tape and stick it to the top of the clear envelope:

Stamps used: #5037 (little Dog) and #4023 (Sending You Smiles).

If you have any great ideas to share about how you use your scraps, I'd love to hear about it!! Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thinking of You

Now that the lazy days of summer are about to begin, this card is a good reminder to stop and take a moment to think about the special people in your life...the people who, just by thinking about them, brings a smile to your face!! Send them a card to let them know that you thought of them today!!

Stamps used: #5013 (Bear With Ladybug) and #4021 (Script Thinking of You).