Saturday, April 26, 2008


Just playing with some chipboard flowers from American Crafts. And I had the perfect printed paper to's from SEI (dizzy daisy). That's why it's ALWAYS important to buy all the paper you like...because you never know when it will match something you're working on perfectly (that's my reasoning anyway!!!).

Stamps used are # 5013 (Bear With Ladybug) and #2022 (Ladybug Hi).

I haven't been posting much recently because I've been busy working on some new stamp designs (yes, I'm still working on them!!!) Hopefully, I'll be finished with the drawings in the next week or two...then it'll be another month or so before they'll be ready to be revealed!!!

Hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend!!!

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Pam said...

Hahahaha...thanks for giving me a reason to continue my paper addiction! Your samples are just too cute!