Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fan Bag

Happy Wednesday!! Here's the favor idea I promised from yesterday. For some reason my camera wasn't cooperating and I had to keep re-taking my pictures. Maybe it's more because the weather is so dreary today and the light coming in isn't bright enough. Whatever the reason, I think these pictures are good enough!

I don't have a pattern for this favor...I just use whatever box I have around the house. You'll probably have to play around with the sizing a little...make sure you cut the paper tall enough to fan the top...but you can make the favor as big or as small as you want...or even use it as a gift bag.

Start by wrapping your paper around your box (like you're wrapping a present). But only close off the bottom. Secure with double stick tape.

Fold in the sides like a paper bag.

Fan fold the top in the manner shown above. Make sure all your creases are crisp.

Now, pull the two sides of the top flap towards the center. (This would be a good time to open up the bag and add your goodies before you proceed).

You're almost done...slip a piece or ribbon in the middle of the "fan", and put double stick tape along half of the top flap...then tape the "fan" closed, tie your ribbon and dangle a stamped image from a jump ring (I used #5040...Butterfly With Rose). Paper is from K & Company (Lime Garden).


Denise said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing, I will try one of these today!

Anonymous said...

That is so adorable!!!