Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gift Card Holder

I've been wanting to do a project with gift tags for awhile, but just couldn't come up with an idea that worked for me. This has been going on for weeks. So... last night I'm sitting there with some gift tags in front of me and inspiration struck!!! It's a simple project, but I was happy with how it turned out. It's a gift card holder. I drew up a rough pattern that you can download here.

This works really well with cardstock that's printed on both sides. Just cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted ones. Be careful on your placement of the pattern, it gets a little confusing as to which side of the paper will be showing.

Start with the piece that has the extra tab. Fold that tab up and glue it down only on the sides. This will serve as the "pocket" to hold your gift card.

On that same piece fold down on the other dotted line. Punch a hole on the pattern using a 1/4" hole punch. You can use this as a guide to punch your hole in the actual card.

Next, fold down on the dotted line on your other piece...and punch out the hole on that one too.
You can now tie a ribbon through each of the holes (I just tied it in a square knot). I also dangled a flower (#5032) from the front flap (the piece with the "pocket") with a jump ring. Now, you're going to fit the two pieces together...make sure you have one flap facing the front and one flap facing the back.

Back view:

Glue down the back flap (this flap is just for decoration...I like the idea of something fun going on in the back of the card!).

I used a small piece of double stick velcro to close the card. I finished off with stamp # 5012 (Happy B-Day) and #4039 (Snail-raised with double stick foam).

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