Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kaimuki Paper Party!

Just got back from the paper party at the Kaimuki Ben Franklin. It was so nice to see a lot of you there!! I thought I'd share the project we did. We started with these "Cheeky Jigsaw Shapes" by Making Memories and some miniature clothespins from Equitoriale:

It's so simple...I just used tacky glue to attach the clothespin to the back of the cardstock pieces, then adhered smaller cardstock shapes along with Dandelion stamps, bling, ribbon and glitter glue to come up with these little clips:

Cute...but, what do I do with these clips? Glad you are some ideas on ways that you can use the clips:

This clip closes the top of a gift bag and holds a little gift card in place.

Clip it to a ribbon to make a gift a little more special.

Mount it on a card...then just clip a picture under the clothespin to make it an instant picture frame. Or...I thought it would be cute for table assignments at a party...just clip the names of your guests under the clothespin.

I added a magnet on the back of this one, then you can use it to clip up little notes or reminders. Thanks again to all who was a lot of fun!!

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Angie said...

This looks like so much fun! I wanted to make it for this fun time, but we had a baseball game to go to. Maybe next time.