Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forgot About This One...

Haven't had much time to stamp today...but, I did remember this card I made a little while ago and never posted!! I started off wanting to use 4 squares of coordinating each a little different treatment. Tied a ribbon to one, glittered the second, tilted and edged a third and rounded the corners of the fourth.

Stamps used: #1011 (Pig With Flower), #1012 (Pig Lying Down), #4017 (Script Thank You) and #5006 (Daisy).

I'm working on another pattern...hopefully, I'll be able to post it tomorrow. (I promise to upload it correctly, Cami!! ;)


Scooter1203 said...

Wow, your cards always has that little something to make it complete (like the three rhinestones at the bottom of this card, the rectangular paper with the flower at the end). Thank you for these ideas!

dasimonds said...

Absolutely Adorable!!
I love the little piggy :)