Thursday, March 20, 2008

Love You!

Here's the card I promised from last's a little bigger, more colorful version of the Koala card...and I'm still using the clear acetate and stamping on vellum.

I started by cutting out a rectangle in the card (the yellow cardstock). I cut strips of patterned paper and glued them down just on one side on the card. I flipped the card over and using the original rectangle as a guide, I cut through the patterned paper. Then I slipped a piece of acetate between the yellow cardstock and the patterned paper...then I glued EVERYTHING down.

On vellum, I drew a heart shape in pencil (I used a heart template I have), then I used stamps #5035 (Monkey With Flowers), #1105 (Cat With Roses), #4015 (Love You Script) and $5004 (Rosebud).

Then I just cut around everything and erased the heart pencil lines. After that you just have to color everything in and glue it to the back of the acetate. Add glitter, ribbon and a brad (of course) and you're done!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a neat cute card! It looks like your designs are just magically floating in the center!
I think you come up with such clever techniques I've never seen before. Keep up the good work - we enjoy seeing them!!