Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Koala Card

Do you ever start a card and have no idea where you're going? That's what happened to me on this card. I knew I wanted to use these metal tag rims I had lying around...but that's about it. It just kind of evolved into this card. First, I punched out a scalloped square in my card and the printed paper that I will later glue over it. Then I cut out a circle from clear acetate to fit the rim and punched four 1/16" holes...on the top, bottom and both sides.

I threaded a silver cord through each of the holes and tied double knots before taping them onto the card (see below). Can you tell I slipped a tiny bead through the cord on the top before I taped it down?

I pasted a sheet of printed paper over that (to cover all the mess...now you know what's underneath it all!! Yikes!) I stamped, colored and cut #5052 (Koala) on vellum paper and glued it to the back of the clear acetate (just a liiiiittle glue around the edges of the design). Added some adhesive ribbon from K&Company, some glitter glue and #5058 (You Make Me Smile). I don't know if you can really see it, but it looks kinda like stained glass. I'm working on another card now with more designs and brighter colors so you can see the effect better. Check back tomorrow to see how that turns out!!

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