Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Belated Birthday

I designed these stamps to go together...but I think that each one could make a cute separate card. I started with plain gift tags (these are from Paper Reflections). First I stamped the pig images, then masked them. (To make a mask...stamp your image on a piece of paper...I like to use post-it notes so it has some stick on the back...then cut out that image on the post-it and stick it on top of the stamped image on your tag. By doing that, I can stamp the flower images around the pig, but nothing will overlap and cover the pig stamp.) For the flower borders I tore a strip of paper (Provo Craft - Pink and Orange Flowers) and cut it to fit the top and bottom of each tag...then glued it on. I stamped the word stamps and punch holes and tied ribbons (these ribbons are from Martha Stewart).

To join the tags together, I made paper "hinges". I cut little pieces of cardstock and folded them in half either forward or backward (depending on which way I want the tag to go). Then I just glued them on the back of the tags to attach them together. This is what it looks like from the back:

Ok...when I cut out the "hinges" I thought peach would be a good color to match the colors on the front. But from the back they look like little bandaids!! Oh well..maybe next time I'll make them out of white cardstock. :)

Stamps used: #5019 (oops Pig), #5020 (Oops), #5021 (I'm Sorry Pig), #5022 (I'm Sorry). #5023 (Remember Pig), #5024 (I forgot), #5025 (Ta-Daa Pig), #5026 (Belated Birthday), #4003 (Flower Power) and #4004 (Mini Flower Power).

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Denise said...

Crad is so cute, love all the pink!