Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Hi!! Sorry I haven't been very good at posting recently...but things have been a little hectic around here!! The good news is...the reason I've been busy is because the Ben Franklin stores have picked up my new, larger-sized stamps!!! Yay!!! If they're not already on the shelves, they are making their way to all the stores at this moment!! I'm especially excited about the neighbor islands because this is the first time my new stamps will be available for sale there!! They will be at the Hilo, Kamuela, Wailuku and Lihue stores, as well as the 4 stores on Oahu and Crafts in the City (in downtown Honolulu). Please stop by and take a look when you get the chance!!!

I've also been catching up on some gifts and thank you's I've been meaning to send out. These are all gift card here for the "how-to's".

Here's a look at the inside (the gift card slides up as you open the card):

I also did a make 'n take this past Saturday at the Enchanted Lake Ben Franklin...I'll share with you what we did tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by today!!!


Ethan Mashimo said...

you need to branch out to seattle!!! =) maybe i will have a dandelion store out of my house! hee-heee -hee.

missed your postings! its a good thing you are busy in this state of economy!! yay!!

love your gift card holders!

Lynn said...

I loved your cute card with the pop up gift card. I discovered your blog site a few weeks ago and check it often now. I write the Ben Franklin Crafts blog so I was happy that you mentioned our stores. I'm just learning that there is a whole community of crafty bloggers in Hawaii. Lynn

Cheryl said...

Cute gift cards! I'll take the Pottery Barn gc. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Aloha kaua, Jean,

Great gift card holders. I love Elliot!! A hui hou!

Enjoli said...

Super cute gift card holders!! =) You are so creative. I going to CASE them for Mom's Day.