Friday, April 10, 2009

The Many Faces of Baxter

Just playing around with my Baxter stamp (#C118) today, and ended up using it in as many ways as I could think of...just by cutting out what I wanted. Here's what I mean...this first card is Baxter the way he appears on the stamp (with balloons and flowers):

This next card has Baxter with just the balloons:

Baxter with just the flowers:

And just Baxter (outside):


By using just the parts you want, you can use Baxter for a lot of different occasions!!

If you're in the Waipio area tomorrow, I'll be doing a make 'n take at Scrapbook Heaven from 11:00 - 12:00. Here's a look at what we'll be making...just a last-minute little basket filler:

Thanks for stopping by!! If you have the day off today...enjoy!!!


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Berenice said...

Cute creations :)

Anne Bennett said...

Those are so cute!

Busy Minnesota Mama said...

That little bear sure gets around. He is really cute. Thanks for sharing. ~verna, just surfed you.

caminante said...

Good ideas for the easter, I like the cards, beautiful designs :)

Ethan Mashimo said...

hi jean --

way cute again! i use that cake stamp a lot. the bear is adorable.

I WISH i could be in wapio tomorrow! gotta figure out a way i can visit during the summer!

maybe you could plan a make and take around my visit. hee-hee-hee. =)

have a happy easter!!

Denise said...

Baxter is adorable! I love all your creations.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic blog you have and I just love those stamps. I like what you did with them.........why don't I ever think of things like that? LOL
You have some adorable cards..........GREAT WORK!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean:
Thank you for an awesome Easter egg make-and-take. Your ideas are absolutely adoreable! Dori

Cheryl said...

Did you ever find that purple shoe lace?

Teri said...

Hi Jean! I just love these creations using Baxter! Cute project for Scrapbook Heaven. Happy Easter to you and the rest of the family! Teri

Martha said...

So adorable projects! Thanks for sharing :)

Jamee said...

those are such cute cards!!