Saturday, February 7, 2009

J's Knicknack's Make 'N Take

As promised, here's the project we did at the make 'n take today at J's's the perfect Valentine. It has all the necessary ingredients: hearts, chocolate and flowers:

I'm also introducing the next new stamp in my line...Baxter!!! He's a little on the shy side, but he has a heart of pure gold!! And he's here to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!! Actually, you can use him for any occasion...the "Happy Heart Day" stamp (#1106) is glued on in the back! :) Here's another sample using "Hoot & Annie":

You can download a pattern to make this project by clicking here. There are 3 pieces: heart-shaped outer piece, box (to hold candy...or other trinket) and a vase (it doesn't hold's just a place to put a few sprigs of flowers). Just cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines. Use double stick tape along the tabs to put the boxes together...also, to tape the box to the heart shaped base...and the vase to the box. The picture above shows how everything fits together. Then decorate any way you want!! If you like Baxter...check back tomorrow for a little giveaway!! Enjoy your weekend!! (I made it before 10:30 pm, Diane!! ;)


Teri said...

One of my class attendees today went to your make 'n take and showed it to us...I'm so jealous that I didn't have time to go to make one, but thank you for posting the pattern! I'm gonna try to make one. LOVE Baxter!!

Fida said...

Hi,I went to the Make and Take today. The project is really cute and thank you very much for teaching us how to do this project.

jennyv said...

I was suppose to go but I end up babysitting my 5 month old nephew. Too bad I miss it. I would love that Valentine box and also a place to put flowers. What a great idea. I'll try to make one when I find the time. Thanks for sharing


Fay said...

Hi Jean!
Thank you again for the Make and Take---it was super cute and pretty easy to put together (thank goodness you cut and scored all those templates for us!)!! LOVE your new designs and it was great seeing you again!

Linda said...

You come up with the sweetest ideas - I was at Teri's class on Saturday and was unable to attend your make 'n take at Js. Thanks for always sharing your patterns w/us - you're very generous. Gotta add Baxter to my list of stamps to get (along with Hoot & Annie)! Keep up the good work!

nicky w. said...

Thanks Jean... I was so glad that I could make it to J's on Saturday, but I was sad that some of your new stamps were gone in a flash!!! But that's ok... just more reason for me to visit J's to get the rest!!! Great project! I showed it off to some girls who couldn't make it.
They were jealous! Hee hee... You still amaze me!