Friday, February 27, 2009

Girl's Day

Every year Girl's Day has a way of sneaking up on's already next Tuesday (March 3)!! The Girl's Day celebration has its roots in Japan...but, here in Hawaii it has become a way of celebrating the girl's in our lives with little treats or gifts!! Here's a fan box you can make for your favorite here to download a pattern. Cut out 2 of the fan shaped pieces (one will be the bottom, the other the top) and a box piece. Cut along solid lines and fold on the dotted ones as shown below:

Notice that I have a 1/8" hole punched in one of the fan pieces (the top piece) and on the box piece. Decorate the top piece as desired. You're also going to punch a little slot punch on the top and bottom piece as shown below (this is where you'll thread a ribbon to close the box):

**just a side note...don't you like the way the ink came through to the don't see the black outline from the stamp, but you still get the design. It gives it a nice watercolor effect!!**

Anyway...back to the box. Connect the top piece to the box piece by inserting a brad through the two 1/8" holes you just punched. Then use double stick tape to adhere the box to the bottom piece. Slide a ribbon through the slot punches and tie a ribbon to close the box.

Stamps used: #C104 (Maddy & Pip), #1027 (Happy Girl's Day), #4011 (Sakura) and just the fan from stamp #3010 (Doomo Arigato). To open the box...untie the ribbon and the top piece swivels on the brad to open (I have a couple of pieces of mochi in there):

Remember, you still have until midnight tonight to enter our stamp giveaway (leave a comment in the post below, "A Lucky Winner").


Ekg said...

Aloha kaua, Jean,

Another great project to work on. TFS. Girl''s Day is fast approaching. Mahalo. A hui hou!

jennyv said...

Wow! Another get creations by you! This is so cute, this is a great idea I have a niece maybe I should make one for her. Is this available at Jsknicknacks or Ben Franklins? Also I wanted to know what do you use to color your image? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! Where are your "A","B","C" stamps available?
(sorry, identity is Anonymous; can't seem to get pass my password.) Dori/Mele09

Cathy Y. said...

Wow, that is such a precious girl's day box! Thank you for always sharing your creations w/us. I like how the fan swivels open to reveal the treats. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

You come up with the cutest projects. Thanks for sharing. Happy Girl's Day!


Nikki said...

Your creative design remeinded me of my recent viewing of the sakura trees in Wahiawa. Delightful!

naya said...

Another clever and cute idea. Thanks for sharing. Happy Girl's Day.

Fay said...

Cute box! Thanks for sharing!!

WhimsicalThoughts said...

OMG so cute!