Friday, December 19, 2008

This One's For You, Fran!

The other day my friend asked if I had an idea for a money gift card...I didn't really have a money card idea posted, so here's something I came up with. I don't know if anyone still has time to make things before Christmas...but, you can always use the pattern for birthdays or other occasions. It might be a little tricky to might help if you cut out the pattern and follow along...I'll try my best to explain. This is what the card looks like closed:

Then when you lift up the "cover", the money is revealed. I thought this might make a gift of money a little more fun to open.

You can download the pattern pieces by clicking here. There's one pattern for the box bottom and one pattern for the box top. We'll start with the box bottom. Cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines as shown below:

Apply double stick tape on the 2 thin strip tabs (on the printed side of the paper)...this is where it gets tricky...fold that tab down and the connecting tab over and press down to adhere. (It'll make more sense if you follow the fold lines).

Fold the two top sections down along fold lines:

For the box top, cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines. Apply double stick tape to the 2 tabs as shown below:

Fold along the fold line and press down to adhere. You just formed a little'll need to know this later.

For the next step...flip the box top piece over and fit onto the box bottom piece as shown below (this is the backview of the card):

Notice how the bottom piece slips into the "pocket" of the top piece...also, notice how the 2 green dotted tabs slip under the 2 white side tabs. Are you still following me? The next step is to put double stick tape on those 2 white tabs and fold the last bottom section up as shown below:

Now you can flip the card over to the front and decorate with a ribbon and a tag. Also, lift the cover and use double stick tape to hold the money in place.

Stamps used: #923 (Happy Holidays), #927 (Snowflake Scroll) and #930 (Elf With Bear). Please fell free to write to me if my directions don't make sense. Have a good night...good luck this weekend if you're still finishing up your shopping!!!


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nicky w. said...

ok, this one look hard to make... I think I'll skip it for Christmas,but revisit it for a birthday! You are just too talented!

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Wow, that's awesome, thanks for sharing

Fay said...

Wow, this one will probably be a challenge for me! I have a hard time following pictures, especially when they have some "tricky" stuffs! LOL I'll give it a try later because the end result looks soooo worth it!