Monday, December 15, 2008

10 Days and Counting...

How's everyone doing? Hanging in there? Things sure do seem to get pretty hectic at this time of the year!! With that in mind...I'll try to come up with some quick and easy, last-minute projects. I know gift cards are always a popular's a fast and easy to wrap them up. I stamped #920 (Christmas Bee) and layered it on some punched shapes. I glued a strip of paper (approx. 5" long) to the back of the tag:

Wrap the paper strip around the gift card and secure with double stick tape (make sure you tape the paper strip directly onto the gift card so it can't slip out). Slip a bit of ribbon under the paper strip and hang up as an ornament:

Or, use it as a gift tag for a present (you can add a simple to, from label on the back).

It just takes a few minutes to complete. I also added the "O Christmas Bee"words (stamp #923), and tied it on with some silver cord. Have a great day