Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stocking Box

Here's a little box for tiny Christmas gifts...earrings, money...anything tiny. The actual box part measures approximately 1" x 2". Click here to download the pattern. As usual...cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines...see the photo below:

For the stocking piece, attach two eyelets as shown above. For the box piece, follow fold lines and form a rectangular box. Apply double stick tape to the tabs on the bottom of the box.

Attach the box along the fold line of the stocking piece. I also inserted a 1" x 2" (approximate) piece of paper into the bottom of the box to hide the tabs. Slide a ribbon through the two eyelets to close the box. For the "patches" on the stocking I used a piece punched with a Marvy (yellow) scalloped oval punch. I cut the piece in half lengthwise, and used one half along the top edge of the stocking. I trimmed the other half to fit around the toe of the stocking. I also punched a 1/16" hole on the side of the stocking and threaded a gold cord in case you want to use the box as an ornament. Here's another sample:

Stamps used: #911 (Christmas Bear), #922 (Merry Christmas), #A111 (Snowflake Buddy) and #923 (Happy Holidays). Thanks for stopping by!!!


Fay said...

Sooooo adorable, Jean! I love, love, love Buddy! Thanks for sharing the pattern!!!

nicky w. said...

This is sooo cute!!! I've got a lot going on right now... but I can't wait til I get set some time aside and make one of these... thanks so much for sharing!!!

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

What a darling little box! It would make a cute ornie & also could be used as a table favor.
Great idea!
Thanks so much for sharing!
(btw I LOVE the pink one!)

Joy said...

too cute! love the pink one with the monkey! hope your holidays are going good! I'm done with my shopping...yay!

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Aww way to cute for words, thanks for sharing!