Thursday, October 30, 2008

Remake #2

While I'm on my gift card kick...I decided to remake a card originally posted on September 28. You can take a look at the card and its directions by clicking here. To make this card into a gift card holder, follow the same directions (but don't stamp anything on the insert piece). Pull the string until the insert card is out as far as it will go. Tape your gift card so that the top edge of the insert and the top edge of the gift card are aligned. Then cut off any part of the insert piece that is exposed (I used a yellow highlighter to mark the pieces that should be cut off):

Now, when you pull the string just the gift card will rise up:

OK...I think I'm done with my remakes for now!! Tomorrow's Halloween!!!


Fay said...

Jean: This gift card holder is so cute and innovative! Most of my gift giving nowadays are gift cards, so thank you for sharing all these different holders!!

Teri said...

I saw these GC holders in person and just love this idea!! Hoping to try and make one soon!