Saturday, July 6, 2019

Happy Weekend!!

Just stopping by to share a pattern to make this cute box with a flip top.  The stamp I used for this first box is from Love & Hugs (CL-22).  I cut out a couple of extra flowers to dangle from the end of the cords and covered them all in glossy accents.

 You can add some cash or gift cards to give to your favorite world traveler...
Stamps used:  Awesome Trip (SC-16) and Airplane (#6071)

Click here to get a copy of the pattern.  You know the routine...cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted ones :)  I altered the pattern a bit so I could get different paper patterns on the box and cover.  To do that, cut the cover out of one paper 1/4" below the bottom dotted line (as shown below):

Add double stick tape to the tabs...

Cut the box piece out of a different patterned paper along the pink lines below (of course, if you are using just one paper, then just cut the entire pattern piece out).

Use a die or punch to make a window if  you choose, and tape some acetate to the backside of the window...add double stick tape to the four tabs, as shown below:

Then simply tape the cover and box together:

Adhere the box sides...

Then adhere the tabs on the cover piece.  Add your stamped image and tie a ribbon to finish the box off.

Stamp is from You Make Me Smile (MC-58)

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