Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Last Minute Idea

How did Valentine's Day sneak up on us so quickly?  In case you're a last minute crafter (I know you're out there)'s a quick idea.  Click here for the pattern.

This first one uses stamp #C132 (Hugs) and the sentiment "Hugs" is from MC-16 (Fuzzy Bear 2).  To start, cut out 2 pattern pieces along solid lines.  Apply double stick tape to the backside of each piece, as shown below...also, cut out a 3-3/4" (h) x 5-5/8" (w) piece of cellophane (I didn't have any on hand, so I cut up a food storage bag and that worked out well too):

Remove the backing paper from the double stick tape on the curved edge of each piece (leaving the straight-edged tape in place, for now).  Set the top and bottom piece in a desired spacing (you can make it a little shorter or taller depending on what's going inside).  Adhere the cellophane piece as shown below:

Fold tabs along dotted lines and put a strip of double stick tape on the tab:

Fold in half and secure tab along side:

Remove tape backing along bottom edge, adhere and crimp...insert your goodies and then do the same to top edge...then decorate!!  If you don't have time to do this idea for Valentine's, it can always carry over to other occasions:

 SC-5 (Small Aiko)

Roses and "Happy Valentine's Day" sentiment from CL-14 (Roses)

Snake and "Year of the Snake" sentiment from MC-37 (Year of the Snake).


Unknown said...

LOOOOOOVE adorable!

Creations by Patti said...

My my my, you have been one busy lady!!! I really love this post with such wonderful cute treats!!!! Geeze, waaay cute!!! Thanks for inspiring us all! hugs, P

eunice said...

OHhhh...this is so NEAT! Can't wait to try this out. You are definitely the most creative person I know with all the most innovative crafty ideas. Thanks for always sharing! Happy Valentines day!!!!