Monday, November 8, 2010

This Didn't Really Turn Out Exactly The Way I Imagined, But I'll Share It Anyway

Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I had a great idea to make a turkey favor with stamp #A152 (Turkey Face)...the only thing is that it turned out looking more like a rooster!! But, since I already made it, I thought I'd share it with you

Click here for a simple pattern. ETA: This pattern has been revised...see 11/9/10 post to see sample of adjusted pattern). I used brown mailing paper for the bag...cutting on the solid lines and folding on the dotted lines. Use double stick tape to seal the bottom of the bag. Next, stamp and color in the face and glue a 2" x 4" patterned paper to the top/front of the bag (this will be the tail feathers). Fold the sides in like a regular brown paper bag...starting at the top edge of the bag, make 8 scored lines (1/2" apart)...then score once more, 1" away. Fill the bag with your treats...then following the scored lines, fan-fold the top of the bag. Pull up the top of the fan and staple together (as shown below):

Use 2 glue dots between folds, as shown below (I used pop dots for the photo, so you could see them better):

And one glue dot on the back:

Hmmmm...maybe if I made the "head" smaller:

What do you think?


Sue from Oregon said...

These are soooo fun!

mst822 said...

Aww, your turkeys are so cute! Clever idea!

Joy said...

Oh, Jean, these are so cute! I guess that saying is true, everything tastes like chicken!

brassypam said...

Hiya Jeanne!
Cute! Wow! what a clever idea. Maybe you could make the back "tail" paper a little wider than the bag and its feather fan would look bigger...just talking cuz it looks great already and my crazy suggestion might not even work! heehee!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Suzi said...

Cute! Tail needs to be wider than head, though. :o)