Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Re-Do

Thanks for the suggestions on how to improve my "turkey favor" from yesterday's post...make the tail wider!!!! ok...got it!!! (Can you tell I'm a city girl?) Let's give it another try...click here for an updated pattern. How's this?

I tweaked the first pattern a little, but the instructions are pretty much the same. One difference is to cut the patterned paper to 3" x 4", then fan fold the top like before:

I changed the back a bit to cut down on the bulkiness. Now I have just one tab on the backside. Fill the bag with your treats and use double stick tape to close the bag, as shown below:

Oh...and take a look at Saskia's blog...Halloween is already passed and I'm only now getting around to linking to her adorable project.

Have a great night!!


Saskia said...

Cute idea!!!!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

ShaniKulani said...

such a cute project :) perfect for lots of goodies! TFS!!

Suzi said...

Now we're talkin' turkey! Very cute!