Monday, June 9, 2008

Tag Card

It's funny how you get some ideas...I got this idea when I was cleaning the mess off my work area. I had rejects from some projects that I tucked into the fold of another rejected idea...and voila! New project!! Here's what it looks like on the inside:

It's a card full of different tags with different's the details: Start with a 5" x 7" piece of cardstock (printed on both sides). Make a score line (running parallel with the 5" side of the paper) at 1" from the edge. Make another score line 3" from the first score line. Fold. Make a 1/2" cut in the middle of the first fold...slip a 6" piece of ribbon through this cut and secure the end with double stick tape (as shown below).

Also, punch out a piece of coordinating paper with a large (pink) scalloped oval punch...fold in half lengthwise...make a 1/2" cut in the middle of the fold line and slip another piece of 6" ribbon through the slit. Secure with double stick tape. Next, center and glue the scalloped oval (with ribbon) to the other end of the card:

Apply glue to the sides of the 1" fold to make a little pocket...then fill with assorted gift tags. Here's a closer look at the tags:

Stamps used: #2022 (Ladybug Hi), #5048 (Be Happy), #5049 (Have Fun), #5055 (Laugh Out Loud), #5012 (Happy B-Day), #5006 (Daisy) and #5053 (Peeking Penguin).

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