Friday, June 16, 2017

Lollipop Balloons

Turn a lollipop into a balloon...quick and easy!!

Stamps used:  Girl stamp is from "Aloha" (CL-17), Flower stamp is form "Never Forget (MC-59) and "Happy Birthday" stamp is a mini stamp #6045.  Start with a 3" x 8-3/8" piece of card stock.  Score at 3", 6" and 8".  Insert the first fold into a hole puncher and punch out a small opening to insert lollipop stick. 

Add double stick tape to the tab, a shown below:

Insert the lollipop stick and tape it down to the backside:

Fold into a triangular-shaped stand and secure with the double stick tape.  Tie a cord onto the "balloon" and have stamped image "hold" the balloon.

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eunice said...

OMGOSH!!! This is SO CUTE and CLEVER!!! What a neat idea for graduation favors. Your creative brain continues to amaze me!