Sunday, April 23, 2017

Box for Hand Sanitizers

Here's a template for this little box:

It's the perfect size to hold a bottle of hand sanitizer or other little treat!!

To make...simply cut along solid lines and fold along dotted lines.  Cut out another piece using contrasting paper (this piece will go behind the heart window.  Stamp, color and cut out your images...I used mini stamp #6040 (Emi) and #6041 (Mari).  Position contrasting paper behind window so you can center stamped images in window, glue down.  Glue the contrasting paper behind the window.  Apply double stick tape to four tabs.  Using a 1/16" hole punch, punch out three holes as indicated by the dots on the pattern.  Thread a 10" piece of cord through two holes as shown below.  Once the box is assembled, thread the cord through the final hole to tie the cover shut.  

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Creations by Shirl said...

Aw how cute, I have tons of these hand santizers from Bath N Body. I will sure give this one a try with that pattern you shared. Thanks Jean!