Sunday, April 19, 2015

Planter Box Pattern

Just stopping by to share the pattern for the planter box I posted on Friday.  Click here to get a pattern.  there are 2 pattern pieces...cut out along solid lines and fold along dotted lines.  The piece shown below is the smaller of the 2 pieces.  Clip at the highlighted points to form 4 tabs.  Put a strip of double stick tape  on each tab

 The picture below shows the 2 pieces cut and folded.  Also add some double stick tape on the larger piece, as shown below:

Fold the smaller piece into a tray shape, then put double stick tape all along the outer edges:

Place the smaller piece onto the larger piece, matching the bottom edges  (I also punched the top edge with a Martha Stewart fence punch):

Wrap the larger piece around the tray piece and seal at the center back:

I mounted all the stamped images on a piece of acetate, folded at 1/4" from the bottom to tape to the inside bottom of the box.  I placed the acetate about midway in the box and filled candies both in front of and behind the acetate:

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