Monday, April 28, 2014

Boy's Day Box

If you haven't decided what to do for Boy's Day...I hope this treat box helps!!  This has been a go-to pattern for me recently.  Click here to get the pattern and instructions.

I made a few adjustments to give the kendama toy some movement.  Before taping the front of the box to the side tabs, I punched a 1/16" hole at a point that would be covered by the tip of the kendama.  I also stamped and cut out a kendama (from MC-45 - Kendama Set) with a little bit of twine tied around the handle.  Next, I taped a penny to one end of a 4-1/2" piece of twine.

Put the penny end of the twine into the box...thread the other end of the twine through the punched hole (from the inside, out).  Now finish taping the box together:

Tape the loose end of the twine to the back of the kendama ball and mount the ball onto the cover with double stick foam.  (The penny will keep the end of the twine in the box when it is closed, yet it also allows you to open the cover:

To finish it off...mount the kendama on double stick foam and position it right above the punched hole.

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Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Great idea for a Boy's Day favor especially with the Kendama craze going on.