Saturday, September 8, 2012


Can't remember what cartoon it was from...but back in the day I know someone called them "Meeses"...leave me a note if you know who I'm talking about!!  Anyway...just wanted to share some fun wrappers for a bunch of Macadamia Roca candies:

These stamps are from our new Halloween cling set, Happy Trick or Treating (MC-29)

Hope you're all having a fun weekend!!!


Sue from Oregon said...

Cute projects and stamps Jean!

eunice said...

"I hate those meeces to pieces!" that's what Mr. Jinks (the cat) used to say of Pixie and Dixie (the mice!) Ahhh...we are showing are age, no?
Super adorable Halloween decorating and treat idea, Jean!

CM2 said...

Your stamps and projects are terrific! :-)