Monday, June 1, 2009

Crafts in the City Make 'n Take

Last Friday I was in downtown Honolulu doing a make 'n take at Crafts in the City. It was my first time there and I want to thank Chris and Christy for having me!!! Here's a look at what we made:

Since May was National Scrapbooking Month, we made a mini scrapbook/card:

Here's a look at the inside with some pictures added in:

To make this card, you'll need one piece of cardstock cut into a 5" x 5" piece and 2 pieces that measure 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" . Score the 5" x 5" piece as shown below: (I've highlighted the folds in pink to make it easier to see).

Make the diagonal fold first (make sure the printed side of the paper is facing out on this fold):

Open and fold along the next scored line (printed side of the paper facing in) and fold along remaining scored line (printed side of paper facing in).

Make all your creases really sharp using a bone folder. Then when you open up your paper, it should look like this:

If you folded your creases really sharply, the following step should just fall into place. With the printed side of the paper facing up, pull the two corners along the diagonal fold in...the whole piece should now fold into a diamond shape:

Cut two 6" pieces of ribbon. Use scotch tape to attach one end of the ribbon at the corner of the card, as shown below:

Attach the other ribbon on the flip side of the card...these ribbons will tie to keep the card closed.

Next, use double stick tape to attach the two (2-1/2" x 2-1/2") pieces of cardstock to each side of the card.

I mounted a coordinating piece of cardstock, punched with a Marvy (pink) scalloped square punch, on a pop dot...and decorated the cover with stamped images. Here are some close-ups of the outsides and insides of some of the samples I made:

Stamps used: #B101 (Max With Cupcake), #5002 (Flower), #5006 (Daisy), #A105 (It's Your Birthday) and #5042 (Cupcake).

Stamps used: #C116 (Good Pals), #A118 (Pals), #5053 (Peeking Penguin).

Stamps used: #C115 (New Baby), #B104 (Flower Border) and #A116 (Baby Girl). It's very easy to alter the size if this card to suit your needs...Just cut the 2 cover pieces to half the size of the larger piece. So, if you start with a 6" x 6" piece for the inside of your card...then cut two 3" x 3" pieces for the covers. Easy!!! Hope you get a chance to try these!!!


Cheryl said...

This is really cute Jean!!!

Cami said...

Now isn't this just the cutest little scrapbook! Love this! Hugs, Cami

Barbie said...

This is a great idea! sort of like origami folding! thanks for the tutorial!