Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cute Stuff Make 'n Take

Happy Saturday!! I wanted to share with you the project we did at Cute Stuff today. This morning started off very cloudy and rainy and, I'd like to thank all of you who braved the weather to make it!! We made this little "mini cupcake" box:

You can download a pattern by clicking here. As usual, cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines. There are 3 pattern pieces. They include (starting from left to right, below) a box piece, an insert piece and a cover:

It was a challenging to put the acetate cover on this, I changed things around a little. I hope this makes it easier!! We'll start by putting the cupcake into the insert piece. Put the acetate piece over the cupcake and scotch tape it down to the insert piece:

Next, apply double stick tape to the 4 tabs on the box. Remove the backing of 2 of the tabs (I did the 2 tabs on the left side), and adhere. Slip your cupcake into the box...then adhere the remaining 2 sides. Does that make sense? Here's a picture:

To finish it off, I punch 2 scalloped circles using my Marvy (pink) punch. I glued one circle to the top piece of the box (make sure you glue it high enough that your stamped image will clear the top of the acetate cover). Glue the second circle behind the first. Now, you can decorate it any way you want...for any ocassion you want!! Here are a few more ideas:

Stamps used: #C117 (Elliot), #1202 (Happy Easter Sign) and #5030 (Scattered Flowers). **Note: I stamped Elliot onto a printed paper and cut him out...that's how he got his "design")**

Stamps used: #B120 (Easter Rabbit), #A120 (Honey Bunny), #1212 (Easter Egg 1) and #1213 (Easter Egg 2).

Stamps used: #B102 (Max With Cupcake) and #5059 (You're Sweet).

Stamps used: #C104 (Maddy & Pip) and #4016 (Script Happy Birthday).

Stamps used: #B118 (Hoot & Annie) and #A117 (Always).

For those of you who are "culinarily-challenged" (like me!!)...I got these mini cupcakes in the Bakery section of Foodland (they call it muffins...but they're the same to me). I just added frosting and sprinkles. And here's one extra hint: buy more than you need...once you start making these, some of them will disappear!!! ;)


Lisa said...

Hi Jean,
I saw Carole's Cupcake Box this evening & I thought it was the cutest thing. I’m so jealous. My son’s in a play at school so he has practice every weekend. Hopefully I can make it to the next Make & Take. See you soon.

Joy said...

this is so cute! sorry I couldn't make the make n take but thank you so much for the template! this is perfect! my boss is looking for a cupcake I can show her your idea! thank you!!!!

Denise said...

Very cute! Love these cupcake holders.

Norene said...

Hi Jean,
I attended the MITI at Cute Stuff yesterday and I'm so glad I did! The cupcake box is adorable and the changes you made in the directions will definitely make it easier and neater to put together! I purchased Madison and Pip and can't wait to put some boxes together! Thanks again for being such an inspiration with your enormous creative talent and tireless efforts; we all appreciate it!

Linda/Ar said...

How adorable! These are just the cutest things. Thanks for the template.

Cheryl said...

LOL! I was just about to say who made the cupcakes and then I saw that you bought it. See you this coming weekend!

Jenny Sakamoto said...

Oh my god, these are really cute! Thank you for sharing your pattern!

Berenice said...

So cute! I love cupcakes :)
Thanks for sharing!

Enjoli said...

This is such a cute project! I wish I was there to make it! =)

Michelle Ueligitone said...

OMGoodness this is absolutely adorable! I love it! Have to make one of these :0)!

Doramiyi said...

Very cute Make n Take. Thanks for sharing the Pdf file, hopefully I'll try it out soon. Keep on creating ^_^

doramiyi at gmail dot com