Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cute Stuff Make 'n Take

Note: The link to the pattern for this project has been fixed...thanks for catching that, Wanda!!

How's your Sunday going? I wanted to share the make 'n take project we did at Cute Stuff yesterday...thanks to Lianne and all the people who braved the yucky, rainy weather to come!!! (Special hi and thanks to Tina who is visiting from Washington and stopped by!!! At least the weather is a little better today, Tina!!)'s the project. My son's school used this idea as the cover to their yearbook a couple of years ago and I was finally able to make it into a card:

As you pull the insert up, the design changes from black & white to full-colored.

I'll try to explain it as best I can...please feel free to email me if anything doesn't make sense. I have 4 pattern pieces that you can download here. The pattern pieces are for 1 card piece, 1 insert piece, 1 acetate piece and 1 tab piece. (As usual, for all pieces, cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines). We'll start with the card piece...

Fold the card piece as shown above. Once you have made all the folds, use a Marvy (pink) oval scallop punch approximately 1/2" below the notched portion of the card. (Make sure you push the paper into the punch as far as it will go).

Next, cut out the acetate piece and center it over the backside of the punched scallop oval (You can temporarily tape it into place so it doesn't move).

Open up the card and lay it flat. You're going to stamp your image in the center of the oval opening. Stamping on acetate can be a little tricky...keep a light, steady may want to practice on a scrap piece first). Use StazOn ink to stamp on the acetate. Remove the acetate piece.

Put a strip of 3/8" double stick tape to the top edge of your insert piece...attach the stamped acetate piece to the insert. Next, fold the tab piece in half along the dotted lines. Apply double stick tape to the 2 edges as shown above (you may want to click on the picture for a better look).

Fold the tab piece over the top of the insert piece. Punch a 1/8" hold in the center of the tab and tie a ribbon through it. Stamp and color the same image on a piece of white cardstock, and punch out with the same Marvy scalloped oval punch .

For the next step, you're going to take your colored image and apply glue to the back...slip it under the acetate sheet and make sure it matches up with the black & white image stamped on the acetate. Once the 2 images are aligned, press down and adhere the white cardstock to the (striped) insert piece.

Now you'll apply double stick tape to the two 1/4" tabs. Make a small cut into each tab as indicated on the pattern piece. Remove all the tape and fold closed along pre-folded lines.

If you now take a look into the card piece, you'll see a middle panel. (The front of the card will be the side with the window punched out). Take your insert piece and insert the cardstock behind the middle panel and the acetate piece in front of the middle panel...and slide it into the card. If your insert piece slides out of the card, you may want to put a tiny ( 1/4" piece) of double stick tape on the inside, upper right corner of the card (along the foldline)...and press together.

Add a little greeting to complete your card...also, to help your insert slide a little smoother...bend your card a little as shown below:

It's a fun card to do once you get the hang of it...hope you give it a try!!! Enjoy your Sunday!!!


Wanda said...

Hi, Jean!

I loved your make and take, but couldn't remain for the demo. However, I did purchase the snowman stamp. I tried opening up the template for his, but I kept getting an error message. You could possibly send it to us again or to me? I am a new subscriber to your blog.

Thank you!!

nicky w. said...

Hi Jean, It was nice seeing you yesterday. I enjoyed your make and take. I showed it to my other half and he said, "Oh, that's nice, Nicky." But you could tell he was just saying it to be nice... then I told him to pull the tab.. then he said "Wow... that's cool." He thought I got lazy and just didn't color the image on the acetate. Thanks for another great project!!!

Fay said...

Hi Jean! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I've wanted to try this technique for awhile, but it seemed too complicated. But now it looks doable!! I'm just bummed that I wasn't able to go to your MnT yesterday!

Angie said...

This is a really neat, fun card. I hope I get a chance to try it out!

Anonymous said...

You did it again. You blew my mind!!! LOVE this 'magic' card. Had to read it twice to get the hang of it (old minds work slower) and can hardly wait to get started and blow my friends away with this card. I've been looking for something 'new' to show off my cmas cards. Thanks again for sharing your idea. You've just put the itch back into my fingers. MarilynY

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jean!

Thanks so much for posting this tutorial again. I did something like this years ago, but you did a fabulous job of simplifying it. Sorry for the first comment I sent...several typos, but that's how anxious I was in sending it to you. Lianne assured me of reserving one of the extra kits you left with her. Mahalo for your generosity!!!